Sheng Guangzu, general manager of China Railway retired National Railway Bureau Director Lu Dongfu t

The total iron retired general manager Sheng Guangzu Lu Dongfu as the National Railway Bureau – General Manager of Sohu financial total iron new general manager Lu Fu railway company China note by the Deputy Minister of the Ministry of transport, the National Railway Bureau Lu Dongfu successor, former general manager Sheng Guangzu retired. On the afternoon of 9, the total iron railway work conference held in the headquarters of the phone, announced the appointment of. It is reported that the 61 year old Lu Fu, former Vice Minister of the Ministry of Railways was. After the Ministry of Railways revoked in March 2013, Lu Dongfu transferred to the newly established national railway bureau. He took over the total iron " a " after the National Railway Bureau, vacated by who took over, there is not conclusive. The total iron total iron sources, another deputy general manager Huang Min with the NDRC Secretary based industry background, and the main railway reform, once the general manager candidate. But compared to Lu Dongfu, Huang Min’s apparent lack of Railway Basic practicing experience, this may be an important factor in Lu Dongfu eventually took over. According to China economic net reporter, currently a total of 5 deputy general manager of China Railway, are Lu Chunfang, Li Wenxin, Huang Min, Yang Yudong and Chen Yi, in addition, the total iron in the party discipline inspection team leader for an.     note: Sheng Guangzu is 67 years old this year, the Ministry of Railways in 2011 by the General Administration of Customs was transferred to the party secretary, replacing sacked Liu Zhijun, served as party secretary and Minister of railways. Sheng Guangzu after two years in charge of the Ministry of railways, according to the State Council institutional reform and functional transformation program, in June 2013, the Ministry of Railways was revoked. Sheng Guangzu became the last railway minister. According to the China Railway Corporation in the first half of 2016, the audit report shows that as of June 30, 2016, China Railway Corporation’s total assets of 6 trillion and 500 billion yuan, total liabilities of $4 trillion and 200 billion, the debt ratio of 64%.   Sheng Guangzu served as general manager of iron, China’s high-speed rail to the sea a lot of bright spots.   in October 2015, the total iron China led consortium and Indonesia state-owned enterprises set up a joint venture company, responsible for the construction and operation of Indonesia new million high iron.   May 23, 2015, Sheng Guangzu personally led a delegation to Kuala Lumpur, met with Prime Minister Naguib of Malaysia, the new high-speed rail project take Kuala Lumpur to singapore. Sheng Guangzu has said that China’s railway technology is advanced, safe and reliable, cost-effective, construction speed, the Chinese side hopes to rely on technology and experience to win the bid.   Sheng Guangzu resume: 1994, the Ministry of Railways as Party members, chief economist. In 1996, he served as director of the Political Department of the Ministry of railways, Party member and party secretary of the organs directly under the State Council (vice ministerial level). 1999, Vice Minister of railways, Party members. 2000, deputy director of the General Administration of customs, Party members. 2002, Deputy Secretary General of the General Administration of customs, deputy director. In September 2003, he was awarded the title of Deputy Commissioner of customs. In 2007, he was appointed party secretary and deputy director general of the General Administration of customs. 20.相关的主题文章: