Shanxi boy was playing the teacher rehabilitation of paraplegia after refused; the school deni douke

Shanxi boy was playing the teacher: rehabilitation of paraplegia after   refused; the school denied corporal punishment education original title: Shanxi boy was the teacher playing School: School of paraplegia after Li Longlong had refused to deny corporal punishment a paraplegic boy in Shanxi 3 years ago Li Longlong was admitted to the local junior high school, but the school soon dropped out two years of unfortunate paraplegia. Before Li Longlong paraplegia, had been kicked by the school teacher, but the school and the local education department believes that Li Longlong own paraplegia and corporal punishment nothing. After two years of treatment in Beijing, although the association between corporal punishment and teacher Li Longlong paraplegia is still controversial, but returned to life ability to prepare but he rejected the school back to school. School and the Education Bureau believes that Li Longlong’s current disability does not meet the conditions of ordinary high school, because the age has exceeded the rules, but also can not teach home". Unable to return with the class Li Longlong is 16 years old, but still unable to complete the compulsory education. Junior high school students enrolled at a week by the teacher playing paraplegia after 2013, Li Longlong was admitted to the Shanxi Zhiyuan jingle County Middle School of Xinzhou city. The entrance for a week or so, Li Longlong was a teacher and students at the time of corporal punishment, "a dispute over a trifle, was a teacher at the back of the classroom window saw, he immediately returned to the classroom, when a pedal after my waist in front of the whole class, continuous kicking two or three feet from the front, then kicked a few legs foot. After a few classes, I feel very uncomfortable. More than 12 points that night, I have a severe pain in the waist, and soon the legs did not feel the size of incontinence." The second day, Li Longlong and his family came to the county hospital, county hospitals due to limited conditions, Li Longlong was transferred to hospital in Taiyuan. In Taiyuan, the hospital is also treated without fruit, Li Longlong’s father took him to Beijing, General Hospital of PLA in the First Affiliated Hospital was diagnosed with paraplegia and surgical treatment. From August 28, 2013 to August 12, 2015, Li Longlong has been in Beijing for treatment and rehabilitation training. Li Longlong graduated from kindergarten to primary school six, there is no disease, if not the teacher corporal punishment, there is no such thing." Li Longlong’s father, Li Maohuai, said. The school denied that corporal punishment sued the Beijing Youth Daily reporter called Li Longlong junior high school when the class teacher Li Jianqing, Li said that "I did not corporal punishment student, meeting people from the office that day, go to the back door of the classroom to see two children playing, then they called out to ask what is going on. At that time only symbolically played two feet. After class, Li Longlong also rode the car." BYD reporter interviewed Zhiyuan high school principal Xin Junping for Li Longlong, a paraplegic, President Lee said Xin cloudy condition and teacher "kicked his legs, there is no relationship, we looked at the medical records, Li Longlong is a disease caused by disability, he had hemangioma itself, has nothing to do with the teacher. And the school during his treatment, he has to pay 981 thousand yuan treatment fee." The school has said president Michael Essien, sue to jingle County People’s court, hope the disabled has nothing to do with the school through the legal procedures that Li Longlong. According to Li Longlong’s diagnosis, China相关的主题文章: