Shanghai aluminum pushed up by the cost of a high shock aluminum again uplift

Shanghai aluminum pushed by the cost of raising the high volatility of aluminum and aluminum again Sina fund exposure platform: letter Phi lag behind false propaganda, the performance of long-term lower than similar products, how to buy a fund pit? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Domestic aluminum market once again lead the trend of aluminum prices. Shanghai aluminum by cost push, tight supply, continued to remain high and volatile, 5 line runs above the main Shanghai aluminum, below the 60 day moving average support, and promote the backwardation Thursday by the outer disk, the price rose to 12455 yuan ton high, this week the operating range of 12150~ to 12400 yuan per ton. Expected after the Shanghai aluminum will remain high and continue to maintain a strong trend, before testing, is expected after the 1612 Shanghai aluminum contract operation range of 12200~12600 million tons. Lun Lun aluminum, aluminum steadily above the 60 day moving average on Tuesday shot up to $1674 tons of cold production fell Wednesday agreement driven by soaring oil prices, LME aluminum upward again this week, operating range of $1630~1670 ton, Masukura reduction. The lower part of the 60 days and 40 day moving average support obviously, Bollinger rail is still pressure, influence of cautious concern al Lun by crude oil, is expected next week for Al Lun operating range of $1630~1700 ton. The industry, Asia metal net data show that in August the domestic aluminum rod factory operating rate of about 58.1%, a slight decline in July, the market is expected to start in September the rate of recovery to 60-70%; the Aluminum Association China again called on policy for the export of aluminum government in-depth investigation support, pressure the U.S. government to take punitive tariff measures Chinese aluminum products. The macroscopic aspect, OPEC unexpectedly reached freezing production agreement, soaring crude oil above $48 barrel mark, the U.S. dollar index data were mixed, high narrow range, basic metal oil boost Tandi rebound, the national consumer buying is fueled strong metal prices have rebounded, the domestic aluminum City crazy stock continued to decline, before the holiday stocking the formation of panic buying, backwardation again up to 600 yuan per ton, up to now the domestic and foreign aluminum aluminum market. Because of the market, before the inventory reduction, stocking atmosphere weeks xianyihouyang, holding cargo shipments positive, backwardation slightly last week, down to 500 yuan ton line, and on Thursday, a positive market atmosphere of stocking, delivery, then crazy, Shanghai backwardation shot up to 650 yuan ton. Although the eleven period due to the continued arrival that inventory will increase, but the overall inventory will still be in the absolute low, expected after backwardation will have high return, between 400~600 yuan per ton. The disk, a strong feature of the Shanghai aluminum does not change, before the sustained high impact, but considering the risk of a long holiday or festival brought to pick up more than a single inventory of aluminum ingots, the surplus should be moderate. Enter the Sina financial stocks] discussion相关的主题文章: