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Shandong Rongcheng ushered in the Swan migration – the new agency in Rongcheng in November 1, the new network (Wang Jiaoni) following the first wintering swans flew to Shandong last month Rongcheng Swan National Nature Reserve, in November 1st, the latest of the nature reserve administration data disclosure, there are 2000 from Siberia, Lake Baikal and other places of large Swan arrived in Rongcheng, the Swan migration has come. Shandong Rongcheng 1 days of sunshine, Swan Lake glittering, white swans or comfortable cruising, or sky gliding, full of vigour. "The big swan is a memory, the swan who has come to be familiar with the environment here." Rongcheng swan swan swan lake nature reserve management station Zhang Jian at the edge of the lake sprinkled corn kernels, told reporters. A few large swans, far from the sight of Zhang Jian, flew over and ate the food. Zhang Jian said that the arrival of the swan is not easy, experienced a cold, Thunder Road, and other food challenges, and one and a half months to fly to Rongcheng. After his observation, this year, the large family of swans flying more cubs, many of the big swan was born to follow. It is predicted that there will be about ten thousand large swans to winter in Rongcheng. Ready for Rongcheng District, Swan Nature Reserve, the staff regularly check the Swan stool inspection, when the lake freezes to Swan feeding, local animal husbandry department also carried out disinfection of Swan Lake surrounding. This year we will also be part of the big swan wearing micro positioning tracker." Zhang Jian told reporters that the tracker can specific flight lines, monitoring the Swan migratory flight distance, location and other movements, are of great help to study the activities of swan. The swan in Rongcheng National Nature Reserve, natural lagoons, wetlands, suitable temperature, abundant eelgrass plants provide natural conditions for the winter big swan. At the same time, the local people’s love has attracted more and more big swans to the winter, many people involved in the big Swan to retain the volunteer activities. It is reported that Rongcheng has also promulgated the swan protection regulations, the big Swan during the winter, the organization of 24 hours patrol, monitoring the big Swan disease, poaching is strictly prohibited. Every year from November to March is the best season to watch the big swan, countless tourists, photographers, artists flocked to Rongcheng. Rongcheng Lidao town north of the small village of yandunjiao also because of the large Swan habitat become a popular tourism destination, a small fishing village only a thousand population of more than and 300 people engaged in fishing music". Shandong, Rongcheng is the hometown of China’s swan, is China’s largest Swan habitat in winter. In 1985 the city has established a large Swan Nature Reserve, and has implemented the swan lake dredging and ecological restoration project, the shallow water area of 3000 acres of the Swan Lake into a water depth of 2 meters deep water area. (end)相关的主题文章: