Shaanxi responded to a technical school enrollment fraud traced has nothing to do with the school ricky lee neely

Shaanxi responded to a technical school enrollment fraud traced: has nothing to do with the school children apply to private technical colleges, most parents hope that children can learn a technology, future employment, mainly based on the choice of schools is the school enrollment. Recently, the Xi’an science and Engineering School of a former employee claimed that the school enrollment that many practice facilities do not exist. The school responded that part of the facilities do not have schools, but there are rented outside. He was dismissed after exposure enrollment by the school inside the court "more than and 10 recruit students immediately to the school, suddenly called Gang, was fired for saying!" The morning of August 21st 10, Xi’an high tech engineering school is talking about his dismissal, the 42 year old Tang feel very vexed. According to Tang said he had worked in this school for more than a year, starting in May this year, according to the school arranged in the designated area enrollment. At the beginning of July, the school suddenly adjusted to his work, and refuse to cash the promised reward of enrollment. With the school leadership after a dispute, he was dismissed. After leaving school, he left school admissions fraud inform the parents, the school with his slander and disinformation, framed as a result of students drop out on the grounds, to take him to court. It is reported that the Zhouzhi County People’s court has accepted the case. So, the school enrollment which is inconsistent with the facts? Tang China Daily reporter said: "declared in the page for the student enrollment practice to use the value of more than 2300 yuan Carter of the United States, Japan Komatsu, Kobelco Japan, South Korea’s Daewoo and other large and medium-sized excavators, loading machine, large-scale training workshop of automotive engineering, the vehicle does not exist in practice and Santana, Honda NISSAN, Ford, Citroen, Peugeot, etc.. The library, the reading room is It is sheer fiction!" Tang also broke the news to reporters said, Xi’an hi tech engineering schools 2015 enrollment set when the vehicle inspection and maintenance professionals, but also in the Department of human resources and social security of Shaanxi province in 2016 April was approved by the. A reporter asked admissions officials say the hands of reporters was invalid for Tang broke the news, on the morning of 22, the China Daily reporter to verify Xi’an High Tech Engineering school. Lee said the school principal, Tang was dismissed due to poor work, was dismissed in the circle of WeChat said the school bad, to bring great resistance to school enrollment. In desperation, the school has been sued to the court to stop the infringement, and compensation for damages. The school reporter provides information, Tang class group, describes the facilities of the school enrollment does not match with the actual words to the students. China Daily reporter took Tang provided in 2015 the school admissions consulting is going on, Lee said, the reporter in the hands of the students is a brochure designed by ourselves, is a void. Therefore, the contents of the alleged content and school. When the reporter asked the school to provide school in 2015 version of the prospectus, Lee said, looking for a long time, no see. It is 2016 enrollment brochures? Lee said, 2016 enrollment has ended, enrollment is not enough. Reporters to see the enrollment deposit, it is recommended to the Shaanxi province human resources and social security)相关的主题文章: