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UnCategorized Asthma is a distressing illness, particularly if it occurs in children. Fortunately, asthma attacks can be curtailed if you adopt some .monsense measures. Here are seven tips that can help you cope with this disease better. Tip 1: One of the most important things you can do is to ensure that the patient knows how to use his or her medication correctly. Request your doctor to teach him how to use the inhaler. This is important because sufficient medication must reach the airways in order to alleviate the symptoms. There must be a clear asthma action plan in place, put together by your heath care professional. Regular checkups are essential too. Tip 2: Keep your house clean. Some kinds of bacteria present in household dust are known to induce asthma, according to the National Institutes of Health. It is particularly dangerous if these bacteria are present in the bedroom. The bacteria will be found where dust mites are present. So take care to remove all breeding places for these mites, such as carpets and any non-essential soft furnishings. The bedroom floor should be cleaned regularly using a good anti-bacterial soap. Use dust-proof pillow and mattress covers. Regularly wash pillows, sheets and plush toys in hot water. Tip 3: Smoking is a big no-no. Not only should the asthma patient not smoke, he should not allow others to smoke around him either. Smoking inside the asthmatic’s home should be .pletely disallowed. If someone wants to smoke, he should use a separate room with its own ventilation setup. Tip 4: High humidity levels encourage bacteria growth which can cause asthma attacks. Maintain humidity in the 30 to 50 percent range. Clothes dryers should be used with exhausts leading directly outside. Use exhaust fans in bathrooms. If specific areas (like the basement) have high humidity, make use of dehumidifiers. Tip 5: Regular exercise under the doctor’s supervision can greatly benefit asthma patients. Swimming is generally an excellent form of exercise for asthmatics. Other kinds of exercises can be beneficial as well. Be sure to consult the doctor before starting an exercise program. Tip 6: Gases and particles from .bustion can cause asthma problems. Check all stoves, heaters and furnaces at least once a year. When they are in use, furnace filters may need changing every month. There are high efficiency filters available that can significantly reduce the amount of particles getting into the air. Tip 7: Many asthmatics are allergic to pollen. If that’s you, try to avoid the outdoors as much as possible during pollen season. Use air conditioning indoors. Covering your nose and mouth with a scarf can help cut down on pollen intake as well as reduce chances of asthma attacks triggered by cold air. Adopt a healthy sensible lifestyle and follow these simple tips to minimize the effects of asthma. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: