SBC China’s strategic positioning Chengdu global recruitment of the first venture acceleration camp melia kreiling

SBC China strategic positioning of Chengdu’s first venture to accelerate the global recruitment camp – Beijing, Beijing, Chengdu, August 30, (Liu Yanjun Liu Ting) 30, the Chengdu Tianfu Jing Rong venture? Will enjoy creating the first international accelerator theme entrepreneurial activity — the international first-class venture accelerator SBC Chinese Liaoyuan for launching ceremony held in high tech zone. This means that SBC will be led by Chengdu station, in the China start ten 10000 city business, as its first venture in Chinese accelerated training camp for "maxima", launched the global recruitment of entrepreneurial projects. It is reported, SBC is ranked first in Europe, the most widely distributed global business accelerator, has been in the global successful operation of 14 accelerator, in its global hatched more than and 300 technology startups, 72% incubator project after graduation and continued access to financing. Graduated from the 33 accelerator hundreds of entrepreneurial team, seed wheel has received more than 1 billion yuan of investment, the total valuation of over RMB 6 billion. "Chengdu’s strategic position in SBC China is very clear, it is the headquarters of SBC china." SBC SBC, founder of China co-founder Carsten (Ke Teng) said, with Chengdu as the starting point, SBC will be dispatched to Shanghai, Beijing, China Hangzhou, Shenzhen ten city, one hundred days, the cross city brand share, so that different city, the same areas of innovation and entrepreneurship to the resources in the SBC platform under globalization transformation. "As SBC China first startup accelerator camp project, combined with the city advantage and industrial logic, Chengdu project will form a linkage with SBC in the United States of Miami, Germany Berlin digital health projects, the formation of collaborative innovation in technology, market, Channel Transformation Fund etc.." Chengdu New Valley Investment Group President Wang Chao said. In September, SBC Chinese first startup accelerator camp global recruitment will be officially launched, in addition to the first project launched in Chengdu, in the next three years, SBC will gradually in Chinese start business of 10 to accelerate the project. Is expected by the end of this year, SBC China will start in Shanghai, financial technology projects, and gradually form a headquarters in Chengdu camp, the layout of China’s innovation and entrepreneurship city SBC venture accelerator. "In January next year, we will be selected from hundreds of projects around the world, through the" 20 into the 10 "competition training camp team in the top ten, will be given a period of up to three months of entrepreneurial training courses." According to the Chengdu SBC CEOChristinaChristiansen (Shang Dan), for three months in the accelerating period of entrepreneurial team, in addition to give 100 thousand yuan venture subsidies, SBC will also provide a platform of Internet resources and marketing level based on more than 1 million yuan, and a comprehensive package of business space free 4 months of use right. In addition, combined with the vertical field of entrepreneurial process, SBC will screen in the world through big data, paired with mentors and industry resources, to ensure that each team can mentor and most authoritative, paired global adaptation. Stand out from the outstanding projects, or even directly into the global enterprise cooperation "green channel", including Microsoft, SIEMENS,相关的主题文章: