Samsung Cup 32 strong wars van Yunruo wins Li Shishi coulee Li Qincheng

Samsung Cup 32 strong wars van Yunruo wins Li Shishi coulee Li Qincheng out negative Tong Mengcheng coulee sina sports news on September 7th, the twenty-first Samsung Juxian cup world open 32 finals second round to continue in South Korea goyang. Kija and more were lost to South Korea’s Jiang Dongrun and Li Dongxun, tomorrow will experience a run-off test. Fan Yunruo beat Li Shishi, the first to qualify for the top 16. Gu Li, Li Qincheng and Huang Yunsong, two players out of negative China. E group of Ke Jie and Jiang Dongrun outlet of the war is undoubtedly the focus of the war today, zhihei kija first half under very confident, Jiang Dongrun was a black on the right high invasion elimination, black to form a thick wall in the abdomen, Jiang Dongrun on both sides is weakness. But then kija seems to be the dominant consciousness is too strong, miss the opportunity to expand the results. Jiang Dongrun took the opportunity to eat at the top of the black chess tendons, kija field gradually tight. The second half, kija left in force, but the local form two Ko, kija into sub net force is killed, the game ended, kija and 208 dices negative identification. So tomorrow, Guo Wenchao will compete for clearance. Another outlet of the war in the A group between more and Li Dongxun, Li Dongxun the fierce fishing field, the more powerful completely nowhere, hastily finally defeated. Tomorrow, the more Tong Mengcheng will compete for another outlet. There is also a key battle in the winner group in China’s Fan Yunruo and South Korea’s launch of the Li Shishi. The two sides from the opening to the end of the battle, all kinds of KO and conversion of more than ten times, eventually killing small van Yunruo black lock disk win, 10 mesh, 3.5 mesh to beat the Li Shishi two wins promotion. One group of the most concern is the Chinese teenager Huang Yunsong Pu Tinghuan against South Korea, said Huang Yunsong can play very well in the game in the first half when the disc in the disc, Pu Tinghuan white belly faint rule alone, the situation in jeopardy. But Huang Yunsong appears in the next attack illusion, not only let the dragon all back quicker, but the situation. Finally Huang Yunsong deserves a small defeat, unfortunately out. One group of Tang Wei stars beat Lu Jia, Guo Wenchao beat Rui Naiwei, female players all out. Gu Li and Li Qincheng were defeated in the round, no promotion. Samsung Cup 32 strong and second round: group A winner: Li Dongxun (Han)   –   the (in) the group of Losers: Tong Mengcheng (in)   Sheng   Gu Li (in group B) winner: Shen true (Han)   Sheng   Cai Jing (in) the group of Losers: Yu Bin (in)     (Japan) Zhao Zhixun wins; group C winner: Li Shishi (Han)   negative   Fan Yunruo (in) the group of Losers: Liao Hangwen (in)   –   Ali Jabbar Lin; (E) group D winner: Bian Xiangyi (Korea)     negative Fan Tingyu; (in) the group of Losers: Yili Liaoning (Japan)   Sheng   Li Qincheng (in group E) winner: Jiang Dongrun)相关的主题文章: