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Samsung Cup 32 round second kija defeated Li Qincheng out more coulee – Sohu of Guangzhou sports daily news (reporter Shi Shaozong) the twenty-first Samsung Cup world open double elimination round of 32 round of second in South Korea Goyang yesterday. In the group match, Chinese team first, two top master kija and more were lost to South Korea’s Jiang Dongrun and Li Dongxun, fell into a group of losers, van Yunruo defeated Li Shishi, the first to the last 16. In the group of losers the coulee, just won the Asian Cup from two helicopter nine section of young Li Qincheng and Huang Yunsong Chinese team player was eliminated. Samsung Cup World Open 32 match system with double elimination system, from 16 to 8 after the finals match again for single elimination, semi final and final competition is adversarial fanqi. Group E winner kija Jiang Dongrun and the outlet of the war is one of the focus of the war second round, the first black Ke Jie set the first half advantage, but then kija may be because the dominant consciousness is too strong and too Qiuwen, not only missed the opportunity to expand the advantage, also gradually into the wind, and lost in the Ko in the middle. Fall into the loser group kija today will qualify to compete with compatriot Guo Wenchao. In addition, Tang Wei stars beat Lu Jia, Guo Wenchao beat Rui Naiwei, this team China team was eliminated all female players.相关的主题文章: