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Safe storage of new corn has become a prominent issue in the exposure of the Sina fund platform: letter Phi lag behind false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, how to buy a fund pit? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Editor’s note at present, autumn crops in Northeast China has entered the harvest period. From the beginning of September 22nd, the organization of the relevant units of the large business units of the Northeast soybean, corn production situation and market situation in the autumn investigation. To fully understand the producing situation, futures Daily reporter to follow the Heilongjiang Eastern and Western delegation to conduct field research, will be sent back to the latest report, please pay attention. West Heilongjiang delegation 22 days starting from Harbin, a survey was conducted on the main road, northwest of Heilongjiang Province, soybean, corn and rice producing areas of the market. Futures Daily reporter found along the way this year, corn growth significantly better than in previous years, is in a critical period of the formation of grain corn growth is poor, mainly for maize stem leaf side, Corn Cob is too small, a lot of land Corn Cob 1/4 less than last year. According to reporter analysis, Heilongjiang province this year, corn yield, total yield of double basic is a foregone conclusion, the new corn prices plus expected low maize farmers income decline is inevitable. In addition, the market should cause more attention is, after new corn on the market, due to the absence of the acquisition of temporary storage prop, corn, grain and other small traders, traders offer enthusiasm for new maize will be greatly reduced, a large number of high moisture corn will remain in the hands of farmers, while the new large corn water produced in Northeast China not easy to keep, and the safety storage will become a prominent issue. "In previous years due to the acquisition of temporary storage of corn underpinning, small traders, traders, grain and other active Shouchu price deduction according to the drying costs, turned out of their own corn farmers purchase price, corn drying and then sold to the acquisition of temporary storage warehouse." Qinggang county corn traders Zhu Donglai told futures Daily reporter, this year there is no temporary storage acquisition prop, in anticipation of the new corn prices decline, corn grain and other small traders, traders, in order to avoid the risk of falling prices, who will not go to the acquisition, drying and hoarding of new corn, unless there is a lower demand for orders. At the same time, the possibility of corn farmers to take the initiative to pay for the sale of corn drying is also very low. As a result, there must be a large number of new high moisture corn backlog in the hands of farmers, then the market will become very complicated, and will be listed on the new corn supply pressure size, the length of time, the sale price and a larger impact. At present, the northeast region has a corn drying tower is mainly large and medium grain traders, and some large and medium-sized agricultural cooperatives. After the listing of new corn, if you have the main market participants do not come in corn drying tower, then the flow of new corn will stagnate. Analysis of manufacturers, traders, manufacturers such as corn starch and corn as part of the acquisition of the reporter, in the new corn due to the delay of drying, and can not enter the market circulation situation, the market will appear the following conditions and different from the past year: one is the new corn prices fell rapidly, mainly because some farmers or farm not on yourself相关的主题文章: