Safe, Effective, Cataract Surgery Can Restore

Eye-Care The National Eye Institute anticipates that by the year 2050 some 50.2 million Americans will experience cataracts. This .mon thief steals vision over time as it slowly covers the eyes natural lens with a cloudy film. Surgery to correct the condition is often re.mended to reverse the effects and prevent a total loss of sight. Just because a doctor re.mends eye surgery doesnt necessarily make the prospect any less intimidating, however. Fortunately, for those who are candidates for laser cataract surgery, there are a whole lot of reasons to relax, breathe and let vision be corrected. Laser procedures have been used for years with tremendous results. This procedure is now handled on an outpatient basis, which means hospitalization isnt required. Patients will normally report to a doctors office or a surgical center on the day of the procedure and go home within a rather short amount of time. Cataract surgery itself involves the careful removal of the eyes natural lens. The lens is then replaced with a plastic intraocular lens, or IOL. The benefits of todays IOLs can prove rather pleasing for patients since advances have made it possible for these replacements to correct near and far vision. That means cataract patients who have had to wear glasses in the past may no longer need them after surgery. Whats more, since the procedure is performed using laser technique, the healing and recovery time is generally very quick. Most patients can go about their normal routines within a few days. Cataracts are a .mon development later in life that can slowly, but surely rob sight. When surgery is indicated, patients will find todays procedures are quick, relatively painless and can result in much better vision that patients enjoyed even before cataracts began to form. To find out more about the options, consult with a reputable eye surgeon to determine if laser assisted cataract surgery is right in your case. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: