Richter’s fear! Qatar rare swing bus Anti – Anti – based (video)-brock lesnar

Richter’s fear! Qatar rare swing bus? Anti [watch] as fans spontaneously to the scene cheering country foot sun stretched out training Mei fang absent in Qatar to put the bus? As the national football match, Qatar team in November 10th to hassad stadium and the 2018 World Cup host Russian team warm-up match, although this warm-up match is not too much reference value, composition and significance of psychological warfare and even more, but this warm-up match still exposed some intent to Qatar coach Fossati. From the competition process, Qatar is likely a change in the usual 4231 formation, with five guard tactics in the future the card in the battle. – reporter Ma Dexing reported back more aggressive strategy and Qatar team in the second half into "5131 (541)" formation after defensive strategy is more obvious. However, Qatar’s anti anti is not anti – but not against, but this strategy is more aggressive, more aggressive. First of all, Qatar is not blindly back, but in front of start pressure. This is the picture? Kuo, press the Qatar team situation, not only for the ball, in the defense also attaches great importance to the running position and line the players without the ball. In the map? Peng, can see the pressure in front of the Qatar team, is the center of No. 11 Akram and three behind the attacking midfield player, in the front field is how the Russian team goalkeeper and defender started high, in 4 against 6, from the selection and location of Qatar players it is not difficult to see, Qatar individual players tactics. The next picture? Bun Qatar’s defensive midfielder, is how to handle? For the other player, Qatar team in addition to nearby players, attack him down, like near position players, as shown in the left back pressure, blocking each other’s bold pass line, and encircle, let each other can not effectively transfer the ball forward. For the other players without the ball, the same effective form of defense posture. In figure Jiao, Dang??? Dang? Zao, can be clearly seen in the overall defense in the movement of Qatar team, especially the line location (away from the goal) need to pay attention to. Even if it is forced to retreat to the back, should also pay attention to the overall formation between Qatar’s and three line distance, especially for the players without the ball marker. In other words, Qatar’s "counter attack", the first is based on the front pressure, midfield press, backcourt intensive "is the guiding ideology of the modern idea of football, not like the past China team that, in the backcourt by" pile number ", the so-called" passive sticking, and rarely can play a counterattack. Second, the team’s counter attack is very targeted and strategic. From the map? Dang? Ti, Dang?? Er, we can see that Qatar’s counterattack is on both sides of the defender also press boldly. The midfield, several attacking midfielder position is very important. It should be noted that, because Sebastian did not play, thus, Qatar team in the second half of the game, will be 11 Akram ·!相关的主题文章: