Reality can not be achieved with the lucid dreamer daydream

The reality can not take Lucid Dreamer dreaming. The so-called "Riyousuosi, night has a dream", but many times we dream and can not give themselves the play, for example, I want to pass the day blind can follow their own thinking, but the dream at night is completely controlled by oneself, if you want to kiss of the goddess, may kiss to pork chop. So to be a dream maker, you may need a small device like Lucid Dreamer to control your dreams. From the appearance of Lucid Dreamer, it seems a bit rough. With a small box in the square on the forehead, then both sides of the electrode contact extension attached to the temple, it is said that this can take control of your dreams when sleeping. But only if you’re waking up". What is lucid dreaming, in fact, you know you are dreaming, but how can you not wake up, well, if it is a dream, even if the nightmare really want to wake up immediately. So scientists also study how to control the lucid dreams, but recently scientists through a large number of clinical trials can be found by intracranial electrical stimulation (TACS) is the most easy to control a lucid dream, and this is a mild and safe way, but still need to through the use of electroencephalogram (EEG) to monitor and control in order to achieve the best effect. Now, Lucid Dreamer is integrating these two technologies in this little box, it is understood that, from the EEG results, the wearer brain movement, brain waves will change greatly, and then combined with electric intracranial slight stimulation, will make it easier for people to enter a lucid dream state. We look at this Lucid Dreamer is still in the prototype development stage, so it does not look good, and the official version of the future should be more compact and delicate. And according to the tester, with this set of equipment can be more free to control the scene or decide when to wake up. In addition, Lucid Dreamer is also equipped with a APP, can be monitored to sleep on the mobile phone, and also built some sleep function, help us create their own lucid dream space. However, Lucid Dreamer is not suitable for all people, such as those under 18 years of age, pregnant women or people with pacemakers and severe mental illness can not be used. But if I can choose my choice is of course good sleep, sleep through the night, what a lucid dream like I don’t want to do ah, so hard the day the brain also want to have a good rest, if not rest on the second day.相关的主题文章: