Put back to work, how to stay awake ddrtys

Put back to work, how to stay awake? Life, a large manual labor. Before the holiday, the day you work overtime work in advance in order, then to enjoy unbridled sunshine beach, air conditioning or sheets. Play, tired. Sleep, tired. Infinite fatigue, you still have to go to work, but also on the weekend. Collapse. Do you doubt that life is a huge scam. Otherwise why every time a long vacation, weekend also fill class? You can’t do anything, just use these things to stay awake. Get up in my life is a hurdle clock is disrupted, 7 days late, let you build a biological clock. (I guess) imagine: vacation first day back to work late, you go after you punch station. On the road to greet colleagues and leaders of the ceremony, holy and embarrassing. The alarm clock is of no use to you, and you are afraid of those who get up in 3 seconds. But with the Pavlok shock bracelet, you can escape from the church. This bracelet can set the moment of the motor, when you get up, give you a surprise shot, instantly awake. But also with this bracelet and App friends can also help supervise, in the necessary time to power you. In addition to refreshing drink coffee, also can eat in order not to doze off, you pour a cup and a cup of coffee and tea, it is no longer trapped trapped, but the toilet was a lot. People have to wonder if you’re going to work in the bathroom. Why don’t you try Viter Energy? This tank from the United States Viter Energy, not only refreshing, according to founder said, can also add strength. Each jar of 20 sugar, mint flavor, each sugar contains 40mg caffeine, caffeine content and a jar of Red Bull 250ml quite. Also contains vitamin B6 and B12, almost healthy. The same type of product is also recommended for Orbz and Military energy gum. In front of it, Victoria lemon tea to kneel down the lake spread: Victoria lemon tea, cool over marijuana. But in fact, the better is 0.08 clearnose. As a patient with rhinitis, nasal congestion is too frequent. But I just absorb the lipstick like objects, immediately smoothly. At the same time a mint hit my head, make people refreshed. It is divided into two ends, one end is a solid nose, the other end of the liquid mint oil. If you feel absorb enough spirit, then pour peppermint oil rub temple, power up. When it comes to work, it’s Popeye’s spinach. Have it, with a sense of. Pain, paste paste, paste easy for early early holiday travel party, the National Day is a runaway, in exchange for a sore foot. When you go to work, who can give you knead two knead? Or to a post bar. Amore Pacific fatigue paste, direct external application, where pain stick. Can effectively alleviate the symptoms of muscle soreness, holiday body down the disaster, let it back together. Everyone in life, all should try two kinds of massage: massage and foot massage. Especially in the national day and the runaway, running almost late to work, you need a]相关的主题文章: