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Reference-and-Education The new saplings are grown into lovely flowers at Pukie Pie a pre school situated in East of Kailash. The school aims at bringing students to work with excellence in order to inculcate in them the habits that lasts for their lives. They meticulously polish the abilities of the child for they believe that every child is special in one way or the other. They create an urge for learning in the students instead of making them learn purposely. The school commits high quality education and strives on the goals of Maharana Pratap Education Centre (MPEC) who believes in producing a global citizen to reach out the world. The school was launched by Maharana Pratap Education Centre in order to provide world class learning environment to maximize the development in early childhood stag. The students here compete and enlighten the universe with there wide knowledge and all round development. Pertaining to the thoughts of Maharana Pratap, the school harnesses the inborn potential of the child empowering them with knowledge, joy and happiness in gaining something that remains with the soul forever. The school cherishes the students who wish to achieve the highest level in academics and personal growth. The deep rooted foundation drives inspiration from affluent and assorted cultural heritage of the country. The play way method of learning school behaviors, poems and alphabets creates a deep interest of study with enjoyment. The class teachers are well trained to handle the students with full perfection. The classrooms of Pukie Pie a pre school are big spacious and air conditioned; decorated with various articles that interests the toddlers. The audio visual aids and Montessori equipments make the learning more effective and interesting. The library seems to have a vast collection of rich books that helps in inculcating the reading habits in the little ones. It also leads to the development of their speech and vocabulary. The computer labs in Pukie Pie have the latest technology systems to make the child computer friendly. The school also divided into numerous activity areas in order to fulfill the demands of the children. The school owns a dance room, art room, music room, activity room and toy room accompanied with an auditorium for celebrating various events and festivals. The students are also provided with the fresh mid day meals that are prepared and served in the most hygienic and clean manner. The playground of the school encompasses a number of swings and slides for the enjoyment of kids. There is also a separate medical room and the school offers a monthly checkup of the students by the expert doctors. They assure the parents the best support and co-ordination along the way of their childs growth. The school also promises high quality of education life and commitment on behalf of the staff. It also offers students independence in life skill and competitive edge that is required to meet the challenging world of tomorrow. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: