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The stunning beauty also worry, China man fast go here – Sohu travel time: September 2016: Canon G5X equipment in Iran this Muslim country, gender concept deeply rooted in everyone’s mind. When the customs, women go to a special "women’s channel"; by subway, they sit "female car"; and even the gym, but also at different times to distinguish between men and women". This harsh law objectively creates an obstacle to communication between men and women. At present, Iran’s unemployment rate is very high, it is extremely difficult to find a job. In this case, it’s hard for a man to find a satisfying job, let alone a woman. Therefore, many girls have to concentrate on looking for a boyfriend, once you find the right object, do not hesitate to marry each other, do a full-time wife undivided attention. "What about going to college? No job after graduation." This is a Iran taxi driver helpless voice. He had to work two jobs for his daughter, who was studying at college, driving a taxi during the day and serving as a waitress in the restaurant at night. Since there is no future, but also let her daughter go to college to do? He gave the answer even more surprising, after graduating from college daughter can find a good husband." Iran schools are mostly men and women, but the university is an exception, the university campus has become the best place for girls to find a boyfriend. Moreover, the boys can go to college, the future work should not be too bad, the income will not be too low. Although many girls in Iran have given up the pursuit of career, just want to find a good husband, but the reality is difficult to let them do so. The Iran Iraq war lasted 8 years, Iran has lost about 600 thousand young men. After the war, the proportion of men and women in the country a serious imbalance. According to a survey by the national youth organization of Iran, there are now 20 young women aged between 29 and 6 million 200 thousand, and between the ages of 25 and 34 are only about 4 million 800 thousand. And since the Iran men have the habit of looking for a younger girl to marry, 1 million 250 thousand women may lose the chance to get married. A few years ago, a Chinese man accidentally knocked down an old woman in Tehran when driving in Iran. The elderly do not lose money but also not on the hospital, the only requirement is that, let the other party in her two unmarried daughter to choose a home to marry. The Chinese have been entangled for a long time, and finally to calm things down, it can be seen that the seriousness of the marriage of Iran beauty. Of course, Iran is not only attracted me to the Persian beauty, there are beautiful scenery, such as the unparalleled Isfahan thirty-three hole bridge. The thirty-three hole bridge, the Safavid Dynasty king Abbas built Zhayindelu, across the river, is one of the Yisafahan landmarks. In recent years, due to the upstream industry and agriculture, the original water filling dry riverbed, filling, and then see the thirty-three hole bridge dance scene reflected exquisite. Every day, the bridge on Isfahan reality show, you can see the men and women of all ages here, walking and talking, looking, chasing, singing, the morning rush to work more people at school, with black L相关的主题文章: