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People’s Daily: Condensed interactivity – View – the weak recovery of the world economy, China is facing pressure of industrial restructuring, the majority of the BRIC countries have different degrees of economic growth is slowing down, the structural reform is imminent, urgent need to return to strong and sustainable growth. July 21, 2015, the BRICs Development Bank opened in Shanghai, china. New multilateral financial institutions new development bank as the BRIC countries established cooperation in the BRIC countries, should dig the potential to make strategic thinking and action. BRIC countries in emerging markets is a representative of the country, its population, the total amount of resources and reserves accounted for a considerable share of the world. In 2015, the gross domestic product (GDP) of the BRIC countries accounted for 63% of the total economy in low – and middle-income countries, and the population of the BRIC countries was more than the global population of 40%. President Xi Jinping pointed out that in September of this year’s group of twenty summit opening ceremony keynote speech, "the construction of linkage of world economy, the interaction force of cohesion" and "we want in the world economy in joint development". BRIC countries have great potential for linkage. The close cooperation between the BRICs countries will help promote the reform of the global economic governance system, increase the voice of developing countries in global economic governance, so as to better reflect the new reality of the world economic structure. BRIC countries will also promote cooperation in the development of their respective experiences in a timely manner, boost the transformation of the five countries economic development mode, to provide new momentum for global economic growth. The new development bank aims to promote economic cooperation and cooperation in BRICs countries through the rapid development of its business. With the support of the Member States, the first 5 loan projects of the new development bank have been approved by the board of directors. The first batch of loans totaling $911 million, covering 5 Member States, support the development of renewable energy. These projects will support 2470 megawatts of power generation and transmission capacity, after the successful implementation of the project, the annual carbon dioxide emissions of about 4 million tons, will provide the impetus for the development of all countries, establish a benchmark for renewable energy. The new China Development Bank to support the first China project for the Shanghai wisdom new energy application demonstration projects". The new development bank will provide 525 million yuan of local currency loans to support the construction of 100 MW rooftop distributed PV capacity. In Brazil, India, South Africa and Russia, the new development bank will also support wind power facilities, solar photovoltaic power generation facilities, renewable energy transmission facilities and independent power plants and Hydropower projects. In order to better meet the needs of customers and deepen investment cooperation, the new development bank actively tries to carry out the local currency financing in each member’s bond market, and flexible to promote the transfer of funds in the member states. In July this year, the new development bank in China’s inter-bank bond market successfully issued a total size of 3 billion yuan of green financial bonds to raise funds will be earmarked for the BRIC countries of the green industry projects. This is the first time that international financial institutions have issued green bonds in china. Looking ahead, the new development bank will adhere to the following direction. First, expand cooperation in the BRIC new space相关的主题文章: