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A Karen spokesman denied: no problem with apple on investment according to the "Financial Times" reported that the Apple Corp in the United States and Britain Mai Karen Technology Group (McLaren Technology Group) is in contact on potential acquisitions, this is the iPhone signal manufacturer for the automotive industry the most obvious change. According to three sources, the negotiations with apple and Karen as early as a few months ago has begun, apple is considering taking over full step Karen, or strategic investment in the latter. It is reported that apple in the development of driverless cars has been more than two years of history, but the company has not yet been confirmed. Karen field covers automotive engineering, on board computer systems and emerging chassis materials. If Apple teamed up with McLaren, will accelerate the progress of the mysterious car project. Apple declined to comment. A spokesman for Karen said: "we can confirm that Karen did not discuss any potential investment with apple", but he declined to disclose more details. Sources said that the loss of the pace of Karen’s valuation of 1 billion to $1 billion 500 million, there is no clear indication that the deal will be reached. If the acquisition of Mai Karen, which will be Apple’s $3 billion acquisition since 2014, the largest manufacturer of headphones Beats Electronics. Earlier this year, apple to China taxi service provider drops travel investment of $1 billion, the deal is apple is by far the most generous equity investment. Since Tim Cook (Tim) took office, it has gradually changed the company’s long tradition of large-scale acquisitions do not have. The sports car produced by Karen is as high as $1 million per unit, with its advanced technology team and its own fleet in the prestigious World Formula One Championship (F1). Karen (Automotive) is part of the Mai technology group, which owns 80% of the former shares of the company (the McLaren). In 2015, Karen made 1654 sports cars, earning $45 million and promised to invest $1 billion over the next six years for research and development. Karen Technology Group recently released results show that its revenue in 2014 was 265 million pounds, pre tax loss of $22 million 600 thousand. Michael Karen Technology Group is the owner of the company chairman Langen Dennis (Ron Dennis), manso – Ou Jie (Mansour Ojjeh) and the Middle East countries of Bahrain’s sovereign wealth fund Mumtalakat. Sources said Apple’s interest is mainly focused on Karen’s technology, engineering strength and patent portfolio. However, due to recent changes in Apple’s automotive strategy, the future direction of the transaction for the cautious attitude. Since 2014, apple is composed of hundreds of engineers and designers team to develop automotive projects, recruiting objects also include from Tesla and Mercedes Benz employees. Apple’s automotive business, former head of Steve • • (Steve Zadesky).相关的主题文章:

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Guangzhou three district two days three motorcycle accident 5 people were killed and 2 injured, Nanfang Daily News (reporter correspondent Gong Xuanjiao Lei Qi Xuan) Guangzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau office 4, informed: Recently, Tianhe, Whampoa , Baiyun District, the occurrence of traffic accidents involving motorcycles, killing 5 people were killed, 2 people were injured. Guangzhou police have started from October 17th to carry out special work in the city to combat illegal motorcycle. In November 2nd 19 PM, Lee (male, 24 years old) with ordinary two wheel motorcycle driving plate in the vicinity of Tianhe District mupei road traveling from east to west, and laimou (male, 46 years old) driving without a license plate for ordinary two motorcycles collided, causing laimou died on the spot, Lee by traffic accident damage injuries and vehicle. On the same day at 21 am, Whampoa  District wide mouth Longshan Village intersection Zhen Shan Road (towards Shantou direction) occurred motorcycle with truck collision accidents, resulting in 2 deaths, 1 people were injured. After preliminary investigation, the incident Liu Mou (male, 41 years old) driving a mixer along Guangshan highway from west to East Longshan Town village traveling to the road, collided with a car traveling in the same direction of the motorcycle, causing the motorcycle Ye Xing (male, 29 years old), Yemou people (male, 36 at the age of 2) who died on the spot and Panmou (male, 26 years old) were injured (no danger). After mixing the car driver Liu carried out breath alcohol test, the result is 0mg 100mL; someone on the motorcycle did not get 3 motor vehicle driver’s license. November 3rd at 2 pm, the new Baiyun District Road Kim North Street intersection occurred in large trucks and two wheel motorcycle collision caused 2 people died of traffic accidents. After preliminary investigation, the incident Tanmou (male, 34 years old, without obtaining a driving license for driving without a license plate) ordinary two motorcycles, equipped with 1 men (identity verification) traveling north to south to the new Baiyun District Road Kim North Street intersection, and Shimou (male, 32 years old) driving driving from the west to the east of the heavy dump trucks (the owner is a Guangzhou City Construction Engineering Company Limited) collision caused by freight car damage and two wheel motorcycle motorcycle passengers on fire, 2 people died on the spot. After someone’s truck driver Shimou alcohol breath test, the results of 0mg 100mL. Guangzhou police attach great importance to the three cases involving motorcycle traffic accident, the traffic police department is the accident for further investigation and carry out related rehabilitation work, and on the afternoon of November 4th held in the city of accident prevention and deployment of electric motorcycle, renovation work conference, further strengthen the Department of investigating the electric motorcycle, illegal driving special action. At the same time, through the city to prevent the joint office of road traffic accident, the relevant departments to implement the main responsibility, and do a good job of motorcycle, electric vehicle traffic control and other traffic accident prevention work. Guangzhou police stressed that it will actively cooperate with the Municipal People’s Congress to complete the relevant legislative work as soon as possible, to increase efforts to combat motorcycle, electric vehicle traffic violations. Earlier, the traffic police department has started from October 17th to carry out special work in the city to combat illegal motorcycle, focusing on the division of the motorcycle ride 2相关的主题文章:

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Photos: Xiangyang downtown off villa hidden in the building in October 24, 2016, Hubei city of Xiangyang Province, in a real estate location, hiding in the building in the villa plots. In the center of the city, 3 storey villas and villas around the 30 storey building in stark contrast. As early as 2003, the Ministry of land and resources issued a notice to stop the supply of land for villas category". However, it is understood that this villa is located in the first phase of the development of a formal procedure for 2014. This area, this piece of public buildings and villas and public roads, but each villa has a fence with the surrounding separation, with a home garden, villa parking and other exclusive equipment. Many villas are always far away from the urban area, in remote rural areas or resorts, problems of lack of support, in the downtown villa is scarce resources. It is understood that this piece of villas have been sold out early, the occupancy rate is not high, not many villa decoration. As early as February 2003, the Ministry of land on the clean-up of various types of park land to strengthen the regulation and control of land supply emergency notice clearly put forward to stop the supply of land for villa type. Since then, the villa was banned by the State Council, the Ministry of land and resources reiterated. January 3, 2008, the State Council on the promotion of conservation and intensive use of the notice, there are still continue to stop the supply of real estate projects such as villa land clear requirements. But villa land ban has been 10 years, the main city villa project did not become extinct, "Larry" "row" "Overlay" name of the villa will emerge in an endless stream. This is why? Analysis of the industry, to stop the villa is not equivalent to prohibit the construction of villas. Now the villa products is not a special villa area, so the land is not a dedicated villa land, but built in the ordinary real estate projects inside, which is a small part of. In 2010, the Ministry of land and resources and the Ministry of housing and Urban Rural Construction issued "on the notice" and the construction management regulation of the further strengthening of the real estate, to strictly limit low-density large-sized apartment residential projects, residential rate must be greater than 1 of the volume index of land. These include the villa real estate projects, the volume rate is far greater than 1, in line with the requirements of the relevant laws and regulations. Developers have said that the Ministry of land and resources and the national development and Reform Commission reiterated that the residential project volume rate of not less than 1, cause too much impact on the villa market will not, contrary to each villa ban, actually bring a chance to hype the existing villa project, many villas or category villa developers will play "scarce" slogan "villa marketing.相关的主题文章:

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Winter running ten note: pay attention to warm up wind and rain has a knack of Tencent running training camp 9 winter training before a run stretching to do sports Tencent summer has passed, the cold winter is approaching. For runners, running in the summer and in the winter running is a completely different experience, how to run in cold conditions, is a difficult topic all runners have to face the day before, kinesiologist which gives ten suggestions: 1 psychological power. Running in cold weather, the most important thing is how to let yourself have enough courage to start, this requires you to enhance the mental power of their own, more effective way is arranged with someone one day running together, when you know that someone is waiting for you outside, you can not find an excuse. In addition, when you are running the winter morning, you can set a brunch goals for yourself and let you know in front of a meal waiting for you, your mind does not produce out five minutes to return to the indoor cues, so you would have enough power to run down. 2 arm your feet. When you run in a cold weather, the most important thing is to keep the feet warm, of course, keep the foot ventilation is also important, which means your shoes should be warm enough, have enough vent. In addition, when your socks become moist, must be promptly replaced. 3 learn how to dress properly. Running in cold weather, you have to keep the body temperature, but also to avoid the flow of too much sweat, or clothes will be wet cold. You need to wear different clothes at different temperatures, when the temperature is below 20 degrees Celsius, what to wear has become less important, the only thing you should do is stay at home. 4 make sure you can be seen by others. In low visibility, especially when running in the morning in the evening, your eyes will become very bad, in fact, this time for everyone is the same, you should do is to ensure that they can be seen, this can reduce the risk of being hit by other people, and in the event of an accident, you more easily found by other people. This will require you to wear some brightly colored clothes, or to wear some shiny items. 5 warm up before you run. Before running out, you can do some warm-up exercises indoors, such as up and down stairs, do some rope skipping exercises, or do some yoga moves, etc., to ensure that their body temperature gradually increased. So when you go out running, you won’t feel so cold, it will help you to quickly improve the running state. 6 learn how to wind. When you run in the breeze under the condition is not affected in any way, and during the summer running, the wind will make you feel very comfortable, but in the cold winter running, the wind may become your biggest rival, it will not only make you feel extremely cold, may also harm your skin, and when you run the wind sweating, also increase the risk of your cold, so when you’re running in cold conditions, the wind will be the key to. 7 forget your speed. Although many runners like to calculate their speed, this is in the cold相关的主题文章: