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Business As we walk through the aisles of our favorite stores we probably dont think much about how the individual packages are designed. We should though because each and every product we see, touch, and buy goes through the sophisticated and time consuming process of packaging design before it ever reaches the shelves. In fact, the decision to select one item over the other may actually be the result of the overall design of the package. Packaging design is so important in todays market place that is has evolved into to much more than a simple element of manufacturing. Packaging design is a discipline in itself. There are trade industry groups, publications, and college courses that focus on nothing but packaging design. Millions of dollars are spent each and every year studying how packaging design will impact sales of a product and how the product influences what consumers think about a .pany. As a result of this research bottles are remolded, labels redesigned, and boxes stretched or shrunk. At its simplest level packaging design is simply a method to prepare products for market by putting them in a box, bottle, or wrapper. A number of basic factors such as protection for the product, security, product directions or information, and other primary elements are considered. Once the basic criteria are met, in .e the specialists and designers who tweak and shape every element of shape, texture, color, and size. The type of product that is being sold will have an impact on package design. Food items and pharmaceutical preparations, for example, have specific requirements that must be met in order to .ply with regulations. Considerations such as logistics will also have to be kept in mind since clumsy packaging can mean costly transportation. Once the basic considerations are factored in, the art of packaging design steps in. As it sits on the shelf, product packaging the salesman. The label, the bottle, the box, or the container must all work together to convince make the product stand out from the crowd. At the same time, the packaging must convey the message that the manufacturer wants conveyed. Experts in the industry will tell you that packaging design is a moving target. Demographic trends such as the aging of the population and cultural trends such as movement toward environmentally friendly products weigh heavily in packaging design. By their nature these types of trends are constantly evolving. Never the less, what works in packaging design today may not work tomorrow since like it or not, customer preferences will change over time. While there are elements of design that are timeless, trends and fads bear heavily on the design of packaging in certain segments. All in all, the discipline of packaging design is a .plex and ever changing science. To be successful, a design must be timeless, yet contemporary. It must evoke an emotional connection with the consumer and most of all, it must say buy me. When all these factors work together, a great package design is born. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: