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Out of the meager profits of the home appliance manufacturers must find commercial blue ocean for any industry, there is no continuous profits, only the continuous competitiveness. Household appliance industry is no exception. In the face of this round of home appliance meager profit era, everyone must find their own piece of commercial new blue ocean. The market competition is more and more intense, the product profit is getting smaller and smaller, more and more industries entered the meager profit time, the appliance industry is no exception. Low profit era is a realistic problem faced by the current major appliance manufacturers, home appliance manufacturers feel some boss or manager of home appliance industry "tasteless gesture", as "chicken ribs". Then the low profit era of home appliance industry is really profitable? How can we get out of the swamp of meager profits, and effectively grasp the opportunity to continue to profit? I believe that we must find their own piece of commercial new blue ocean. Change the inherent ideas, abandoned by the resources to fight the market operation is not the era of low profit margins, there are a lot of businesses and stores in the same era to create a high profit margin. Therefore, home appliance manufacturers need to change the concept of the inherent tasteless gesture ", through the enterprise or store integration and internal change, to find and to tap if piecemeal, but the total is not some small appliances profits. For example, the appropriate increase in the number of new Internet, or intelligent small objects. A lot of small profits together, coupled with efficient capital turnover rate, the same can be a higher profit. At the same time, the need to abandon the resources to fight the market strategy. Some home appliance boss, often rely on the exclusive policy of the manufacturer or exclusive resources to compete with competitors, the use of the resources of the manufacturers and their own resources to snatch the market. Of course, this strategy and method is not wrong. However, with the continuous development of the market and transparency, the opportunity to profit through some unique resources is becoming less and less. Therefore, to change the idea, from the resource centric to customer centric, sustainable development and profitability. Strengthen the market ", enhancing the innovation consciousness before intensive and meticulous farming" and the ability that extensive market operation mode, in the home appliance industry has clearly lagged behind. In the era of meager profit, want to continue to make a profit, all people must be "intensive and meticulous farming". Including the control of market information, real-time understanding of customer needs and psychological development strategies, long-term to anticipate the future risks and difficulties and make the solution, in the terminal sales and store management to implement detailed quantitative assessment and so on. In short to strive for excellence, do fine do thoroughly, so others can not copy beyond. A word that is fine; two words, that is fine; it can be said that the next competition in the competitiveness of home appliance manufacturers, on the details of winning. Whether it is home appliance manufacturers or physical stores, are inseparable from innovation. Creative awareness and ability to innovate, will directly determine the long-term development and long-term profitability. Therefore, to create a good atmosphere for innovation is very important to encourage employees to meet the challenges of the spirit of courage, but also to give the full confidence of innovators, thereby stimulating the enthusiasm of employees. Haier group at this point to do the peak相关的主题文章: