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Opening: GDP growth rate than expected stock index mixed U.S. stock market center: exclusive national industry sector stocks, premarket after hours, ETF, real-time quotes warrants to view the latest market news Beijing Sina stocks 28 major US stock indexes closed mixed Friday, the United States in the three quarter GDP growth of 2.9%, the highest since 2014 since the fast growth, reflects the U.S. economic growth accelerated in the. This also means that the United States more reason to raise interest rates. The Dow Jones industrial average rose 25.78 points, at 18195.46 points, or 0.14%; the Nasdaq composite index fell 23.18 points, at 5192.80 points, or 0.44%; the S & P 500 index fell 4.56 points, at 2128.48 points, down 0.21%. Aberdeen Asset Management investment manager Luke Bartholomew said, GDP data show that the U.S. economy remains robust, there is nothing to stop the fed in December to raise interest rates." The Fed is due to meet next week, but the Fed is unlikely to raise interest rates at the meeting, as the general election is due to take place in November 8th. The Fed is expected to raise interest rates in December. According to the federal funds rate trend, the probability of interest rate hike in December has been as high as 83%. Amazon fell 4.60%, the company announced results after Thursday’s closing less than expected. Google parent company Alphabet rose 2.16%, the company announced earnings after Thursday’s closing higher than expected. Baker Hughes rose 5.47%. According to the Wall Street Journal reported that GE is working with the company to negotiate the merger of both oil and gas business. Hershey Hershey (Hershey) rose 6.21%, the company reported a profit of more than expected in the three quarter. Amgen fell 9.39%, the company closed Thursday after the report of the three quarter profit was better than expected, and listed the annual profit target, but sales target unchanged. In the United States listed French pharmaceutical giant Senofi rose 4.36%, the company listed on the full year profit target. Most Asian stock markets closed lower, but the Nikkei 0.63% rose, as data showed that Japan’s September CPI decline, the yen fell. The pan European Stoxx 600 index fell 0.30%. Crude oil futures fell 1.19%, mixed metal futures. Dollar index fell 0.16%. Editor: Guo Mingyu SF008相关的主题文章: