Notice policy overdue payment Wary of counterfeit criminals fraud! noreply

Notice policy overdue payment? Wary of counterfeit criminals fraud! Sina fund exposure platform: letter Phi lags behind false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, how to buy funds pit? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Guangzhou daily news (reporter Li Dong   correspondent Chen Yumin) yesterday, Guangzhou police issued a warning reminder: recent social fraud, illegal use of public insurance awareness, but not familiar with the duties of the insurance business, the insurance regulatory authorities of the CIRC, the fake name to commit fraud. Because fraudsters familiar with the insurance regulatory business processes, and can accurately identify the specific identity information. To this end, the Guangzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau, Guangdong Insurance Regulatory Commission issued a risk warning: fraud to prevent fraudulent use of the name of the insurance regulatory authorities, such as the receipt of the type of phone, please call the Chinese CIRC official complaints hotline 12378 confirmation and verification. This kind of fraud and features: Master criminals party information through illegal channels, including the name, telephone number, ID number, etc.; and then sold the CIRC or the Guangdong Insurance Regulatory Bureau staff, inform the parties of a policy fails to pay premiums, and made a number of policy; or the parties in a month of a year in a the operating mechanism of the insurance company for the policy loans, but policy loans can not repay (the actual parties may not in the insurance company). Criminals further claimed that the insurance company has been reported to the regulatory authorities to report overdue payment or repayment of customer list, such as non payment of premiums or repayment of loans will seriously affect their interests. If the parties are fooled, the subsequent guidance of its transfer. It is reported that criminals familiar with the insurance regulatory authorities address, telephone complaints and other information. In the call to the parties after the fraud, and even further to the parties to send text messages, saying that if you can call the China Insurance Regulatory Commission official complaint hotline 12378 verification. Guangzhou City Public Security Bureau, Guangdong Insurance Regulatory Commission solemnly reminded that such acts alleged fraud. Under normal circumstances, the insurance company according to the insurance contract to fulfill the corresponding rights, according to the insurance consumers in insurance policy or insurance contract in the reserve bank account directly deduct the premium, or in accordance with the policy loans for the bank account for a single repayment directly or deducted. Insurance regulatory authorities have not changed the contents and powers of the insurance contract, and will not require insurance companies or consumers do not fulfill the contract. Countermeasures: Guangzhou City Public Security Bureau, Guangdong Insurance Regulatory Bureau as a weapon to meet this kind of scam: 1 in the premium payment, mortgage insurance and loan repayment insurance if you have any questions in the business process, contact the insurance company to verify the official customer service phone with the insurance company, not to believe the unknown source or origin of phone calls and text messages.   2 consumers to understand the main insurance business processes. Premium payment, policy pledge loan repayment is usually made by the previous policy account account, generally do not need ATM, online banking, telephone banking, etc.. Enter the Sina financial stocks] discussion相关的主题文章: