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North American box office review: "Doctor Strange" on Marvel magic line Marvel Archmage Dai Jiachenwen officially launched Sina entertainment news November 2016 04-11 06 North American weekend box office charts in Beijing on November at 07 am announced this week from the North American film market at the end of 2016 into a box office schedule — Christmas stalls, an opening Marvel Universe will show the third stage second works "strange" (Doctor, Strange), and a 84 million 980 thousand dollar opening draw scores won the first crown. In 2016 second DreamWorks Animation "Magic Wizard" (Trolls) ranked second, "the amazing Spider Man" Andrew – Garfield, Sam – Worthington, Vince – Vaughan, Hugo and other famous movie star to join the R-rated Uighur War theme "blood" (Hacksaw Ridge) hacksaw ridge in third. Enter the Christmas market after crazy back up, compared to last Monday and fly to the sky, TOP12 total revenue increased 133.6% to the summer level (182 million). Contents: 1, the North American box office rankings (November 2016 04 -11 on day 06) this week in two this week, "Dr. film", "strange Magic Wizard", "blood" and "love" hacksaw ridge, three film release and rescheduled timetable next week, the North American box office list (on 04 November 2016 -11 06 July) ranking Title       the company accumulated or high cost 01[cinema weekend] "Dr. Disney" new singular 850585053882165 02[new] "Magic Wizard" in twentieth Century 465846584060125 new Fuchs 03[] "bloody hacksaw Ling" Lions Gate 151915192886 – 04 [01] "black crazy Halloween" 7736492 2234[-65] -55.1% 20 Lions Gate 05[02] Dante "password" SONY 61625973576 -58.5% 75 06[04] "accounting Assassin" Warner Brothers 5877078 2688[-714] -30.8% 44 07[03] "man on Jack 2" 5454911 3079[-701] -43.4% 60 08[05] ‘"2" death divination global 3863125 -45.6% 9 2380[-788] 09[06] "on the train the girl" 1572[-1186] -38.7% 45 "10[07] 2697064 world fantasy.相关的主题文章: