Non farm weakness, crude oil next week how to operate the layout.

Non farm weakness, crude oil next week how to operate the layout. Sina fund exposure platform: letter Phi lags behind false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, how to buy funds pit? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Friday (October 7th) in September U.S. payrolls data on performance of the market is expected, to dispel the market for the fed in November is expected to raise interest rates, the dollar index fell therefore weaken, but the data is still robust support in December this year the fed to raise interest rates. Recently, OPEC plans to cut crude oil, to promote the market gradually dissipated, the market should see more practical action taken by OPEC, at the weekend Turkey oil producer in Istanbul before the opening of the general assembly, oil prices since a week highs adjusted 1[%]. The specific market, the dollar index fell to 96.50 from a week highs, payrolls data is less than the expected pressure on the dollar; the euro against the dollar since the week lows hit the 1.12 mark, payrolls data is less than the expected pressure on the dollar to boost the euro, and the euro zone data well support the euro; gold four months of low volatility non-agricultural limit this week the price of gold fell, a record in 2013 the biggest weekly decline since the week highs; oil prices fell 1[%], the market for OPEC production plan to boost the rise in profits. – spot oil technical analysis from the daily view, early Friday evening for seven with Yang, Yin. Thursday after the break of the $50 mark, up to $50.74 today, but the rise may not stand firm, has now dropped more than a dollar. The current price in the band near the bands opening horn shape. Average system is still maintained upward trend. MACD indicator MACD rose, red column shrinkage. The KDJ index of three wire bonding, Guaitou downward trend. In the short term $49 is below. Pay close attention to this location. Market, Turkey Energy Forum will be held on October 9-13 in Istanbul. Novak, Russia’s energy minister, said it is not expected to sign an agreement with OPEC at an energy conference in Turkey next week. This will cause the price of oil or will fall further, then we need to focus on next Monday opening price operation. Next week crude oil operation: WeChat: lah199345 1, 50.20 near empty, stop 50.70, target 2, seen near the 49.30; recommendation 49.10 near view, stop 48.60, target seen near the 50.55; technology — Analysis of spot silver silver daily chart yesterday, continue to receive a positive column, ending four Lianyin, but still closed below 5 average. The K line running on brin below the Bollinger Bands continue downward, the short-term average downward divergence, is suppressed by the 5 day moving average, picture indicators MACD Sicha down the green momentum column volume, stochastic KDJ Guaitou Sicha down to the four hour chart, currently running on the lower Bollinger rail line, on top of相关的主题文章: