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"Noble high school male teachers molesting 16 boys" for many years jailed for 16 years – Dalian city Sohu news Li Zhaoyuan was with middle school male teachers refers to the class of more than and 10 boys of different degrees of obscene, beaten, time up to 2 and a half years. November 3rd, a parent told surging news reporter, the first instance verdict of the case has come out, was sentenced to 16 years." November 4th, surging news () to the police station in Dalian District, Zhongshan Beach Street to verify, a deputy director of the war confirmed the first instance verdict 16 years. He told surging news, Li Zhaoyuan is forced indecency and indecent assault on two counts of children were prosecuted, sentenced to more than 16 years is heavier." There are students diagnosed anxiety depression symptoms for a trial of 16 years, 4 days, a victim of the parents of the students Wang Bin (a pseudonym) told the surging news, Li Zhaoyuan has been punished, the children’s injury had not disappeared, some time ago I took my son to the hospital, the doctor diagnosed with anxiety and depression symptoms, very influence on children." A recent medical diagnosis of an injured child. The picture for parents (by parents request hidden away in a clear diagnosis) wrote Wang Bin’s medical records, began to appear nervous, afraid his son is half a year ago, there was talk, monitored, paranoia, tracking, psychological anxiety, hostility, the terror, paranoia. Doctors also recommend to psychiatric hospital for further diagnosis and treatment. "The child is now so much from Li Zhaoyuan’s long beating." Wang Bin said that the child’s back so far have been beaten by Li Zhaoyuan scars. In addition to his children, Wang Bin told the surging news, and two students had depressive symptoms, "one of the children’s depression has been more serious, just two days before our parents to see him, 3 years to get out of the shadow has been." In January 3, 2016, Dalian city junior middle school (4) class with a boy home to tell his teacher Li Zhaoyuan when in front of the whole class, touch and kiss his nakedness, after take him home, "to do a very disgusting thing". According to surging News reported earlier, a victim of the students said, Li Zhaoyuan class a total of 18 boys, only two were not molested by Li Zhaoyuan. In January 15th, Li Zhaoyuan jingfangxingju 3 days, Dalian City Public Security Bureau Zhongshan Branch issued the "Filing this book", said that after the examination, Li Zhaoyuan of molesting students case facts of a crime, according to the provisions of the "People’s Republic of China criminal law" article 110th, the decision to initiate the investigation. August 18th, Li Zhaoyuan indecent case in Dalian City District procuratorate hearing. The suspect appeal, intends to sue the school parents Wang Bin said, in November 4th he went to the procuratorate inquiry, a prosecutor Tsai told him that the verdict in September 22nd, defendant Li Zhaoyuan filed an appeal. Wang Bin said, now parents are ready to contact a lawyer, civil litigation, prosecution involving the school house education group supervision dereliction of duty, and demanded compensation. At the same time, parents are also prepared to bring a civil lawsuit against Li Zhaoyuan, also"相关的主题文章: