Ni Ni Yang Mi actually Luhan started to wear the grandmother flower sheets! (video) ppbox

Ni Ni Yang Mi actually Luhan started to wear the grandmother flower sheets! Two days ago, the United States and the United States appear in the Ni Ni Da airport ~ simple white T jeans, also wearing a "flower" coat, embroidered flowers make whole become fashionable interesting Ni Ni T-shirt jeans from Rag & Bone Gucci from now this Knitted Garment Embroidery Flower wind super fire, which makes Barbie sister remembered before the flower is not flower, sheets, small bees small dragonfly what do the same time so what elements of fashion! It is this flower impression sheets ah! The fashion circle was "single wind", was terribly fashionable! This atmosphere must be brought by Gucci, jackets are more "flower" the better! As Yang Mi and old driver, had put the flower sheet jacket Yang Mi: big sweater is most suitable for Style is Gucci and the lower the missing star eight laps around the earth, Kylie Jenner flower jacket is men’s clothing, design Gucci men and women obscure so that the people more choice! Accidentally with Chris Riri Zhuangshan, denim jacket with the original "tacky" flowers, butterflies, become Retro Modern, have to admire the magic of your husband designer Alessandro Luhan wearing flower flowers grass and art was not a recent fire in Ground Zero, in the jacket two flower show, even super with the news! Alexander McQueen in the back and put a bunch of flowers, Yuan Shanshan wore it, with just more than the body coat, dress shirt and trousers, have all been Huahuacaocao occupied! Moschino has also fallen into a "single wind", Liu Wen put the blue green knitted sweater purple sun flower dress Olivia Zara western style full Embroidery Shirt out of the big effect, with leather suede coat retro small fresh flowers through her denim skirt, long red denim jeans without the embellishment, but some British singer Florence Welch monotone wear Gucci jeans garden back up Yang Mi two butterfly bags Kendall shoes covered with grass and the red carpet is full of flowers, the American actress Kirsten Dunst embroidered flowers skirt domineering Yang Mi in this bazaar Charity Night Flower Embroidery Dress, stunning the audience. Besides their dresses, show is a big garden! But the fairy, but the literature and art, is now popular with flowers! Alberta Ferretti 2016 winter flowers and fairy skirt with her shoes and was a Alberta Ferretti 2016 winter series not to mention Gucci, hate every piece into a flower Gucci 2016 winter series Gucci is just the end of the 2017 spring and summer series, clothes covered with bird fish insect bags also joined the gorgeous version of "embroidery quilt" Gucci 2017 spring and summer series and even the national Diane von Furstenberg also put this "single wind" to join the 2017 spring and summer series! VO Diane!相关的主题文章: