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New York school district room "no" price "– real estate — original title: New York School District Housing" no "price" in the United States, even in the most dense population of New York City, "school district" is one of the factors that affect the supply and demand of the real estate market, but not a decisive factor, the so-called "good school" prices are not up to the price level. Most of the view that the United States does not exist, astronomical school district room is the main reason for the design of the public education system, government regulation of educational resources and the effective allocation of real estate speculation space compression. Private and public education in the United States, free public education covers primary, secondary and high school. Private schools because of the high cost of providing high-end education services, naturally there is no school district and enrollment restrictions. The public schools to protect fair, generally require students to enter the nearest school in the school district of the residential community belongs to all levels of school. According to the geographical location of New York, roughly divided into 32 school districts, of which there are about 715 public primary schools. Official statistics show that 2014 to 2015 school year, a total of 416 thousand and 968 school-age children enrolled, each school district public primary school enrollment rate of up to about 90%. However, there are also differences in the quality of teaching in American public schools, the school teachers "school district" in excellent financial strength, additional courses of specialty classes, foreign language and art, which naturally attracted a lot of parents for their children’s education and to consider "school district". However, the founder of New York rainbow home Cindy Yin believes that, overall, New York’s school district room supply and demand does not exist overheating problems, it is impossible to be fired into astronomical". Most property buyers value is a comprehensive indicator of the living community, including education, health care, community services, public transport and other multiple factors, there are few purely for school choice and the purchase of high priced housing phenomenon. In the United States, public school "remedial" clearly defined functions, entry threshold is low, management is relatively humane. Regardless of whether the students have a home or temporary rental housing, as long as it can prove that the application does live in the school district, will be able to successfully enroll. In this way, the parents of students can choose to buy a house, save a lot of trouble. New York City Board of education also stipulates that students once enrolled, then moved to the home address regardless of where the student has the right to stay in school until graduation in the same public school, the student education while ensuring the continuity and stability, also further weakened the concept and effect of the school district. Of course, a small number of good school district, a good school enrollment will appear beyond the capacity of the case. At this time, the administrative department of education and the school will take according to the registration order, and set up the waiting list and draw a relatively fair way to decide is not admitted, recruiting students will be assigned to other school school rather basic level. In general, there has been a family in school in the school district local residence time is long, many children, will get priority in the process of recruiting. In addition, the United States federal, state and municipal governments will be three in the education budget formulation and special funding, consciously)相关的主题文章: