Nelson watch pioneer fans nearly seven to become young people kimi wo omou melodi

Nelson: "watch pioneer" fans nearly seven young people to become "Overwatch" has been so many young people crazy! According to market research company Nelson released the "2016 report" with Nelson Nelson e-sports game electronic tracking data, all the "watch" pioneer eSports fans, aged 18 years to 34 years of age accounted for 68%. The data of this age is higher than the average value of other E-sports games 61%. This shows that Blizzard’s team shooting game has found a way to attract young audiences, so that it can attract more young people than their competitors. The millennials are also the most popular group of advertisers, which also makes the watch pioneer in 2016 revenue will reach $493 million in the e-sports market to occupy a certain advantage. "Watch pioneer" in May this year, has just released, landing PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC platform, but it has now become a popular game. The game’s sales have exceeded 20 million copies. The game is released after the update of the second heroes Sombra the shadow is also about to launch. On the whole, the e-sports fans prefer to play the vanguard of the game than the average game player, their respective groups in the proportion of 17% and 4%. Nielsen Co also found that, due to the lack of local competition, these "vanguard" 27% of fans do not participate in the game in the game. Blizzard is also working to improve the issue through the organization of "watch the vanguard" League, the League will be built around the world based on the city game team. From game: Tencent Sina statement: posted this article for more information to pass, does not mean that agree with their views or confirm the description.相关的主题文章: