National Day outbound booking coincided with the peak of the route; popular popular tourism ch christie stevens

National Day outbound booking coincided with the peak of the   route; popular popular tourism Channel original title: National outbound popular popular summer draws to a close, the tourism market began to fade, but visitors will usher in a year in the best season of "eleven golden week travel". Reporter yesterday learned from the tour, although National Day still more than a month, but there are a lot of people come to consult booking travel products, Eastern Europe, northern Europe, Morocco and other many popular routes are "hot" up. "Now is a good selling tour of Japan and South Korea, Thailand, Britain and other places, many lines have been sold more than 50%." Tourism website donkey mother outbound travel official said that this year’s National Day outbound travel scheduled time compared to last year about a week ago, is currently booking peak. This year, the National Day outbound travel prices generally declined compared to last year, especially the European line fell by 10% to 20%, higher cost. For example, on a national platform of "Italy Rui all inclusive 12 tour price is 13 thousand yuan, in September of the same product than the off-season 200 yuan cheaper. Cruise tour, starting from Tianjin, Shanghai, Guangzhou and other ports National Day during the cruise line in a daily class, many travel agencies in the outbound lines, will push the cruise as a selling point, compared to previous years, the price of six thousand or seven thousand yuan at the National Day this year, the cruise price is more close to the people. In the sale of getting into the peak at the same time, the national outbound market appeared a new bright spot: Eastern Europe, northern Europe, Morocco, Sri Lanka and other past more popular tourist routes also sell well, visitors to the outbound tourism destination choice are more and more diversified. Number of outbound travel agency official said, with many overseas tourism countries launched the relaxation of visa and increase flights, new Chinese services and other measures, the traditional sense of the more popular tourist routes, travel trips in the first half of the year has started to rise sharply, become the new point of growth of outbound tourism market. (reporter Pan Fuda) (Liu Jia, pure commissioning editor)相关的主题文章: