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Networking Not too many years ago, name brand server racks (Dell, HP) were a step above the non-name brand server racks in quality and functionality. Name brand racks were specifically designed to house servers from those manufacturers while the off brands were more functionally suited for standard equipment add-ons such as trays for holding monitors, keyboards and any standard 19 inch add-on with standard mounting screw holes. That has all changed with manufacturers now producing universal server racks with the intention of maintaining .parable quality to name brand server racks, thereby allowing the purchaser the option of enclosing multiple brands of servers inside the same unit. This provides more flexibility to small businesses that might have to use different servers in order to meet their .pany’s needs. These new server racks now allow IT managers to maintain server rooms standards, even if they are using multiple servers from different manufactures. Universal server racks are also a great option for .panies housing other .pany’s co-location servers saving the host money by allowing the option of purchasing of one rack as opposed to two or possibly 3, depending on their current server situation. Data Centers Universal server racks are also .patible with data centers and in fact, the data center’s demand for these products is what prompted the engineering of the Universal Server Rack, Every detail from security and durability to its appearance and .patibility were created with data centers as the required model for the engineering of these racks. The best way to determine the differences is to .pare apples to apples as the following table illustrates. .parisons Specifications – Dell 4220 – Universal 42U Average Retail Price- $1,100 – $900 Size-78.7 (H) x 23.8 (W) x 42.1 (D)-78 (H) x 24 (W) x 40 (D) Lockable Doors (F&R)-Yes (Standard Locks)-Yes (Interchangeable Locks) Removable Side Panels-Yes-Yes Perforated Doors (F&R)-Yes-Yes Easy Leveling Castors-Yes-Yes Adjustable Mounting Posts-Yes-Yes Square Mounting Tabs-Yes-Yes Cable Access-Yes-Yes Source: Dell & Global 1 Resources .paring new 42U server cabinets. These side by side .parisons show that todays Universal Server Racks offer the budget minded IT manager the same system for less cost. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: