Mudanjiang teachers’ qualification examination of 5 test sites for the first time to participate in -yuria

Mudanjiang teachers’ qualification examination of 5 test sites for the first time to participate in the national examination yesterday, reporters from the Mudanjiang municipal recruitment office was informed that from the beginning of this year, our province will participate in the national primary and secondary school teacher qualification examination, written examination will be conducted in November 5th. The examination of Mudanjiang City, a total of 5 test sites, respectively, the second high school, third high school, fifth high school, sixteenth middle school, occupation education center school. It is understood that the exam will be arranged three subjects. Specific time: the first subject: 9:00 am to 11:00; second subjects: 13:00 PM to 15:00; third subjects: 16:00 PM to 18:00. The specific location of the center is: second Mudanjiang city high school is located in Green Street East five road No. 1; third Mudanjiang city high school is located in the Lu Xiang Lun Street No. 316; fifth Mudanjiang city high school is located in the No. 207 road; Mudanjiang City sixteenth middle school located at two West Road intersection of Mudanjiang city street peony; occupation education center the school is located in the east of Chang’an Avenue East Road No. 217. Mudanjiang shizhaokaoban relevant responsible person said that the candidates must hold the ticket, the two generation ID card to enter the test exam, are indispensable. Each 15 minutes after the examination, candidates are not allowed to enter the test exam, the exam before the end of the 30 minutes before you leave the room candidates. Please candidates ahead of time to ensure that time to take the exam. The examination of all the arrangements in the standardized test sites, the implementation of the whole video monitoring and video on the examination process, the national and provincial admissions examination bodies through the Internet and video technology to the test of remote video inspection. After the exam, the province, shizhaokaoban to test video playback, if found cheating will be implemented afterwards accountable. During the examination, entrance examination, Xunkao examination will send personnel to increase inspection efforts, and according to the new "criminal law" and the new "Education Law", to crack down on organized and premeditated "collusion cheating" and "fraud Gang", employee training, take the test, and the use of modern communication tools and disturb the order of the exam exam cheating crime. In addition, Mudanjiang shizhaokaoban remind candidates, may not be with mobile phone communications, Internet access, storage and playback function of the electronic equipment and watches into the examination room. During the examination, if found candidates into the seat or on the body, regardless of whether or not to open the store the content of the examination, will be strictly according to the "national education examination violations approach" in violation of cheating. During the examination, test centers around within 500 meters of the owner or site shall not hold celebrations or engineering work, passing vehicles do not whistle or detour, so as not to make a noise or traffic congestion, so as not to affect or influence the candidates Fukao and safety examination.相关的主题文章: