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Motrin fever medicinal or no, the baby have a fever cold – Sohu maternal cold without medication, a week after a week can be good, if not good, then consider the drug "this is now a lot of adults after a cold approach. Indeed, even if adults do not use drugs, the general cold and fever within a week can heal themselves, thanks to the adult immune system. But this approach is not suitable for children, this is because the child’s nervous system is not fully developed, the immune system is still not perfect, thermoregulation ability is very weak, blindly without drugs, can increase the baby’s condition. The baby have a fever, do not have to use? Is physical fever or Motrin antipyretic? 1 baby have a fever, when suitable for physical fever? Normal temperature baby is generally 36 to 37 DEG C, but its basal body temperature every baby is not the same, this with the baby’s metabolism, some baby’s body temperature some high, some babies are low. Therefore, the mother usually want to know their baby’s basal body temperature, that is, to wake up in the morning temperature. The baby’s body temperature in a day is not immutable, due to environmental temperature, eating and activity factors such as changes in the amount of. The temperature is high, the temperature will increase after eating and activity. Generally defined as the upper limit of the normal temperature fluctuation of the body temperature up to a day. At present, most of them think the axillary temperature more than 37.5 DEG C for heating (according to the basic temperature their baby’s specific judgment). Heat early, if the children play and eat as usual, behavior is normal, you can not hurry to the hospital, pay attention to observe the body temperature and children’s activities can be. Mommy can through the physical cooling way to help baby fever. Physical cooling, mothers should be how to do it? First, give the baby more water to ensure that the baby’s water intake. Under the premise of reducing the room temperature, as far as possible to reduce the wear of the cover of the skin heat. Also, a warm bath, wet towel wet deposition is also a good physical cooling method. Ice or ice stick will also have a certain effect. The infant ill not love to drink water or milk, parents must be patient a few times feeding, to increase the body of water, for fever. A warm bath is cleaned with warm water cooling, with antipyretic plaster is more effective, but also can make children more comfortable. 2 the baby have a fever, when many mothers considered Motrin? "Is the three drug, anti fever medicines have side effects, so the baby have a fever, do not adhere to the baby to the use of antipyretics, only physical fever of fever. This practice is very dangerous, if the baby continued high fever, there may be febrile convulsions. And fever medicine is not so terrible, Motrin antipyretics is specially developed for children children’s fever medicine. So, what time should be used for Motrin fever? With clinical evidence based "0 to 5 years old children Chinese etiology of unexplained acute fever diagnosis and treatment of some problems of evidence-based guidelines (Standard Edition)", more than 6 months of the baby mouth temperature more than 38.5 DEG C or axillary temperature more than 38.2 DEG C, recommend the use of ibuprofen or acetaminophen for cooling. Broca.相关的主题文章: