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[milk] twist soft, sweet, not sweet not greasy food and drink – Sohu that I love to eat soft, sweet dough twist, soft and delicious, not sweet not greasy. Home for the elderly and children especially love to eat bread twist. Decided to do a twist! Always feel more comfortable home food, more secure! Your fried twist, skin coke with attractive fragrance inside soft drawing, light milk fragrance, cool to eat is still soft and delicious, than the outside sell incense! Milk: milk powder 500g 227g twist high salt yeast 5g grams of sugar 30 grams of cream 200g 1, put all the ingredients into the bread machine start and noodles "(no bread machine, hand and face is the same, if there is a bread machine home just use), when the dough to 2 when times out, divide the dough into 10 portions, respectively, knead the dough smooth, 10-15 minutes, a relaxation of dough rolled into thin strips, a folded about 5, left hand forefinger folded, right up to 6, outward rub noodles also brought good rub noodles, because the seventh step to the noodles to rub up, when will rotate together, finally the right into the left sleeve hole actually do, can be divided into two strands: twist twist, then fold up into Three shares, braid, what form of what can be, in turn made 7 twist, and then put it in a warm place fermentation (or in the oven for fermentation, the fermentation profile) for 8 minutes, the end of fermentation, put the oil pan, firing 80% heat in oil, twist at the bottom of the fermentation. On the 9, into the pan, then switch to a small fire fried, fried not oil overheating, otherwise easy to internal outside has not completely burnt, 10 deep fried small fire slowly fried until golden brown on both sides, remove and drain the oil can be a small delicacy: beef stew [] soft tasty, attractive color, meat is not broken, not Seya相关的主题文章: