Micro-blog launched a joint venture with the deepening of the UAV live broadcast market layout aptana studio

Micro-blog and Xinjiang jointly launched UAV live broadcast deepen market layout Sina Technology News August 25th news, the world’s largest social media Chinese micro-blog and the world’s largest civilian UAV manufacturer DJI Xinjiang innovation announced a partnership, Xinjiang aerial UAV products and ground shooting equipment as broadcast devices to access micro-blog live, this is Xinjiang after access to Youtube, Facebook Live and Periscope, for the first time in cooperation with domestic social media platforms. Micro-blog also announced a joint dozens of mainstream media, and Xinjiang, a live set up a "live media alliance", expand the broadcast dimension, report content rich media, bring a new perspective for the user. In this year’s F8 Facebook developer conference, Facebook CEO Zuckerberg announced that the cooperation with the hardware manufacturers such as Xinjiang, a variety of intelligent hardware can access Facebook Live features live. General assembly site also use the Xinjiang UAV on Zuckerberg’s speech was shot. Facebook provides data show that, as of now, an average of more than 2000 people a day on the Facebook Live conducted a live broadcast of Xinjiang, this figure is still increasing. In June this year, micro-blog officially for the media and hardware manufacturers such as open video broadcast protocol, becoming the first live open platform, provides interactive news reporting mode is more convenient for the media, media production quality content, with the ability to spread micro-blog powerful platform, through the broadcast transmission form in real time to the front of the user, UAV, Xinjiang small ant camera and other hardware vendors will also serve as the first partner of micro-blog access. At present, the domestic media daily broadcast on micro-blog more than 300 games, has become a loyal user groups micro-blog video. Some media have tried to use the UAV video broadcast, the main method is the mobile phone tied to the UAV, but many problems encountered in image is not clear, noise, ground anchor sound difficult synchronization, so the UAV in the form of live has not been universal. Xinjiang UAV access micro-blog, users only need to install Xinjiang products on the mobile phone application program, DJI GO, can be directly to video images collected by unmanned aerial vehicles direct to micro-blog, the host can directly broadcast voice through the mobile phone, greatly reducing the UAV broadcast operation threshold. Micro-blog and Xinjiang will jointly build # with the UAV to live # large-scale activities, activities will be the annual large-scale joint micro-blog brand activities with micro-blog 2016# to travel # jointly initiated and set up prizes, users can through the UAV acquisition to broadcast on micro-blog to participate in the activities of beauty. With the full support of # UAV to live # will also get micro-blog live media alliance, micro-blog will be linked to nearly thirty national mainstream media to join the ranks of the UAV live, but also attract many professional flying UAV enthusiasts to join hands and industry, with a unique perspective, professional quality content output and powerful micro-blog platform user based UAV hardware trend quickly to live. In addition to the great border will not.相关的主题文章: