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Meng Kunming seafood cooked, dry warehouse storage, later transformation? Sohu and map: South Beauty Tea tea tea Pu’er Tea "Snow", "Meng seafood" is what taste? The tea itself is a kind of sensory experience activities to mobilize the body, feeling a lot of tea time seems to be indistinct. "Meng seafood" is like this, a lot of people can drink it, but he said, do not know where to start. The author will talk about their view of "Meng Meng seafood": with seafood cooked, tea after brewing was the smell of the sea, the smell of the soil, but the "fishy" taste is not objectionable, but people feel natural, smell is close to natural feeling. Such as the smell of the soil in the tea sporadic, especially after the rain from the village like the fresh taste of thick surface. Map: South Beauty Tea tea tea Pu’er Tea "Snow" is the second, the taste of Menghai is still "the unique taste of pure tea" — by wet high temperature forging tea, heavy precipitation, no front heavy and pure time, in Meng seafood cooked, is especially evident, ripe tea fragrance heavy, pure, fierce, no other miscellaneous taste. The tongue and oral contact with tea, pure taste, sour smell, no alcohol slippery. Because of the pure and mellow, this smell, taste will give the entire oral cavity and even the body a great impact and memory. Two, Meng Kunming seafood cooked, dry warehouse storage, later transformation? South Beauty Tea launched in Menghai, dry warehouse storage for one year in Menghai in 2015: "Snow" as an example, this tea tea tea Mengla seafood features, and according to the existing situation of "tea" tea into the late snow forecast performance is as follows. Map: South Beauty Pu’er Tea tea tea tea tea leaves: "Snow" soil heavy fishy smell after brewing, but the smell is not only distasteful, but let a person feel natural. Drink tea tea tea taste is unique, no taste, and tea soup has special sense of sandy. Menghai dry warehouse for 1 years: the smell of the soil relative convergence, smell desalination, appear caramel flavor, soup is more smooth, dense sandy sense. Then to Kunming dry warehouse storage, storage 5-8: tea into wheat, honey, jujube or Daoxiang heavy fragrance, taste of tea tea, pure tea especially thick, plumpness increased. 8 years later: tea aroma is more comprehensive transformation, increase the coordination of tea, tea more thick and full, calm and reserved, soup from thick red to clear and bright red. 15 years later, the tea quality reached the peak, Chen fragrant taste very pure, elegant red wine soup color to show the sense of the years, the tea very smooth and full alcohol. Three, Meng seafood is how it formed? There were people in the industry said that, strictly speaking, to create a pure Meng seafood, must use the local Menghai tea raw materials, Meng sea in the Menghai area, pile fermentation. Of course, this statement is correct or not, are not discussed, but such argument is precisely confirmed a property unique flavor, is determined by the unique local conditions, leaving the environment, can’t find that kind of taste. Map: South Beauty Pu’er Tea cooked tea net相关的主题文章: