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MAU8 billion! What can meet you, video APP users – my technology Sohu QuestMobile recently released the latest data show that in July 2016, the video APP monthly number of users has exceeded 800 million, has become a social after maximum flow entrance. Behind the meaning of the whole of China, 1, 2, the vast majority of potential users of the 3 lines of the city have been attracted into the video market. In the basic necessities of life are satisfied, more and more Chinese began to pursue the spiritual consumption". There is no doubt that, in the case of the market is close to saturation, the traffic division of the video industry has ended, there will be a substantial differentiation stage in the future. But until now, although the APP online video market has become increasingly saturated, the entire video industry is still not profitable, the market for the industry there have been some questions, so in the end of this industry can continue to play? In the next year, or will be the last time, to carve up the market winner? Who can catch up from behind? In my opinion, there are three trends in future video industry: the first is the stock of the game, giving priority to efficiency principle, whose fine operation ability, one more chance is second generation population migration talent shows itself; and brought new subversive opportunity. Because of the old products and new user groups demand dislocation, the formation of a new market "fault". Who can detect the fault and provide the corresponding product, who will be able to establish a new empire in the destruction of the market. This theory is almost suitable for many fields; third is the personalized recommendation based on big data will become the industry standard, who can understand the needs of users, recommended better video resources, who can have the last laugh. In the era of big video from accidentaly across the latest QuestMobile data, I see the obvious effect of the head. From the per capita monthly use time and monthly per capita data. The first three of the BAT formed a leading advantage of the larger echelon, followed by mango TV, Phoenix video, etc.. Users of these five sites are more concentrated, higher loyalty platform. It is also very easy to understand, whether it is user stickiness, or high-quality content procurement and production, the future must be more and more concentrated resources. With the upstream copyright prices more expensive, resulting in capital expenditure in the video industry is gradually increasing, the future leaders are more likely to get the favor of advertisers, more capital purchasing high-quality copyrighted content, the easier it is to win the trust of consumers, so as to form a positive cycle, Matthew effect is more and more obvious, industry the inevitable move towards centralization. If we compare the United States, found that the video industry is basically only three major cable networks CBS, NBC, ABC plus the top two TV service providers Netflix and Amazon Prime. China’s entire video industry in the future is basically 5-6 giants. Once the industry concentration increased, the pricing of leading enterprises will be able to show. For example, the United States Netflix has more than 40 million of the number of users in the United States pay, assuming each account corresponds to the audience of about 3, covering nearly 120 million people, nearly half of the United States相关的主题文章: