Maintenance Steps Of Grinding

Advertising Grinding machine also named grinding mill, grinder machine is widely used in grinding process or grinding plant for processing stone, rock, ore materials, mineral resources, coal, cement, limestone etc. According to the grinding process, we can supply you ball mill , Raymond mill, vertical mill etc. To repair the machine, make sure power-off and avoid starting the Grinding Mill unexpected before maintaining and repairing the machine. First stop all the equipments then start malignance and repair. 1. addition to the top sliding bearing spindle of main spindle, the other transmission parts are rolling bearings. So, bearing must be in good lubrication condition, otherwise the bearings will be damaged and shorten the service life. Maintenance is as follows: oil once per shift, but must note that the oil is no loss or loss is too slow, they should immediately wash the oil road, then oil 50 # machine oil. using grease gun filling 3 # lithium based grease to Base spindle bearings, roller shaft bearings once per shift, every six months open bearing of analyzer washed, plus full 3 # lithium grease, fan bearings room plus lithium Grease. 2. avoid metal block into the grinding machine, otherwise they will damage the roller and grinding ring, and even center hanger, etc. 3. Feeding should be uniform, not erratic. Feeding too much will be blocked air duct, lower yield, easy to burn out motor, feeding too little will aiso lower yield. Feed size: the diameters of hard material is less than 15 mm, flexible material for 20 mm in diameter, bulk material is strictly prohibited into the machine. dryer china cement mills:..hxjqchina../product-list_65.html 4. Air volume control: the air volume control valve in the fan intake manifold, generally open to the maximum position. According to fineness and yield, adjust. the exhaust valve in the exhaust pipe, is adjusted into that the feed opening can be no dust emission. the smaller air volume is, the thinner final material is. It should be noted, wind is too small, in the wind tunnel below main machine, there will be the sediment material, please adjust. 5. Bag filters need to be slapped to get rid of the dust adhere to the inner surface. 6..To start the elevator without load and the feed rate of the elevator and feeder should not exceed the capacity of the elevator, or it will lead the block of under part of the elevator. Pay attention to the working conditions of the chain and the bucket, change the broken ones in time if needed. 7.Change the worn jaw plate, toggle plate in time in order to avoid the damage of other parts. Toggle plate is the protective parts for over loading. If the load exceeds the maximum load of the toggle plate, it will break off or be.e bend. Another new toggle plate now should replace the damaged one.As the professional manufacturer of .plete sets of mining machinery, such as belt conveyor , Henan Hongxing is always doing the best in products and service. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: