Macbook pro or will usher in 4 in late October the most significant upgrade liuxiaobo

MacBook Pro or will usher in late October, the most significant upgrade in 4 years, according to MacRumors reports, had been exposed several times the new MacBook Pro will be updated in late October. The new message that apple is currently developing macOS 10.2.1, the update is mainly to support the new MacBook Pro hardware new features, including Touch ID, OLED function keys touch bar, as well as more powerful GPU and CPU. MacRumors also revealed that Apple will launch a beta version of macOS 10.2.1 early next week. And later in the week, apple is expected to catch up before the release of the MacBook Pro final debugging. If all goes well, Apple will release a new version of MacBook Pro in late October. The new MacBook Pro 2016 is equipped with Skylake architecture core processor of the latest, and with the use of AMD Polaris graphics architecture. There will be 13 inches, 15 inches and retina display version, the use of metal hinge design, support USB Type-C interface (support Thunderbolt protocol), MagSafe interface. Space gray, tuhao gold and silver moonlight three colors.相关的主题文章: