Love shopping Paris this season’s hot bean color lipstick are here! zhongguorentiyishu

Love Shopping Paris: this season’s HOT bean color lipstick are here! For girls, this lipstick things never too much, especially until Christmas, the big names have launched a Christmas series, then every day was down down down YSL Shuabing stars series > > > ALL IN DIOR > > Christmas all products; > ALL; IN CHANEL Seal Lip Glaze > > > ALL IN BURBERRY > > Christmas > ALL; IN; old godmother all series > > > ALL (IN is the lengshi I traveled to Paris high streets and back lanes to buy a bottle of old godmother) please tell me: I am not a man, eat in soil. However, even if I eat a few tons of soil, I still have a small wish, that is Armani, YSL…… Combine a mauve lipstick set big etc.. I hope this matter can live for a long time to see, even if I am 90 years old paralyzed in bed, but also let my granddaughter helped me up to buy. Why do you so love bean color? Because it shows the temperament is also gentle white! Before we talk about the red lipstick is a real cut (blue stamp videotape review), so it is the most straight red bean color for deceptive lip color. It will make your eyes look like straight in no makeup, but super effort to let you the whole human temperament up up! No letter, when early Gigi Hadid is not so "Red Net", a lot of color on the body, in fact her round face is red meat and ride together to avoid xianlao, later in the stylist’s tune, her wardrobe into only black and white ash bare such senior color, red lip slowly uncommon, instead, is not in the deep and shallow every hour and moment mauve. The beautiful Kat Dennings, lips really lining her bold and enchanting image, rare for powder paste color, the whole people will become gentle. Which was very gentle van Liu Shishi, rather than the big red lips, red bean color just like nature itself. Meow total Ni Ni features very charming, red bean color well and this, she looks more atmospheric. The French girl, the heart of the most love is red, but the daily frequency first, absolutely is the color of red bean paste. IT Girl Jane Birkin almost all of the originator, the photos are mauve. Her daughter Lou Doillon too. We are most familiar with the red bean color, is the big cousin Liu Wen in "we love it" perfect program interpretation, looks very international range of children Liu Wen, used to love painted nude color lipstick with healthy skin, after falling into the red bean color pit, find her more and more beautiful, more and more feminine.? You will find that we put it in front of the beans Shashaitu, have different colors. The]相关的主题文章: