Look down upon the children chaos graffiti Don’t make a big mistake – Sohu so baby exit safe mode

Look down upon the children "chaos" graffiti? Don’t make a big mistake – so this paper from the Sohu mother Kay TERT "mother micro class" Kay said uncle kaishushuo is actually drawing natural and magical spirit channel every child will go on. Now, maybe he is not standard Wobi, perhaps he also fenbuqingchu dark blue, light blue, not even finish a closed circle, we m sister in such a stage. However, in our understanding and care, the magic of the channel, opens a window to the heart, let the children grow rapidly, it is his future wings. Why do we want children to draw? The average parent’s mind is nothing more than these items: but you know, perhaps it is full of hope to delay the child. Why? For children, painting is as natural as breathing, as breathing is indispensable. Painting for children is not only a hobby, but not a skill, but the child must be in the process of growth. When the children are not mature in language vocabulary is poor, the development of the body movement is quite fast, when hand movements to be flexible and eyes with each other, a new way of expression — "painting" is created. One month to one year, poke the point, try to pen a half years old, draw the trajectory about two years old, immersed in the circle of fun in two and a half years old, is said to draw an elephant and train painting for children, he is the most direct expression of the inner world of language "". Logical thinking and thinking characteristics of adult children is different, with the image thinking, and the language is still not perfect, so all the children at this stage to hand eye coordination, spontaneously through painting to express themselves. As such a natural expression of self exports, free and spontaneous painting once blocked, the child’s psychological, intellectual development steps will be subject to varying degrees of obstruction. Therefore, the treatment of children’s graffiti, the focus is on how we read it, to reveal the psychological state behind graffiti graffiti, and how to understand, to support the growth of children. It can be said that none of the children do not like painting, because painting is like a child for us adults to speak the same demand. Think about how we feel if we are interrupted every day and are asked to speak in the same way as the speech or the script Do not speak freely, the more Biequ ah! So, if the child does not like to paint and distress, it is likely that the adult led a problem. Parents must be out of love, but it is likely to hinder children. Here are some of the most common mistakes in life. In the face of children’s graffiti, you have not stepped into some errors? Error 1 to teach children to draw their own initiative to teach the child: "baby you see, apple is so painted", "how can elephants do not have long nose"…… A child draws a man相关的主题文章: