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Travel-and-Leisure If you are looking at reasonably priced homes, Jacksonville is the place to look. Not only are the homes affordable with Jacksonville home mortgage facilities, the other costs relating to maintaining a home and raising a family are likewise at levels that are easy on the pocket. The cost of living in Jacksonville is almost 10% lower than the nationwide average cost of living. Job prospects in Jacksonville, Florida’s largest city are on the uptrend with a recorded job growth of about 10% in the past year and an unemployment rate of 3.2%. The median family income of those living in Jacksonville is pegged at about $58,858 during the past year. The city’s strategic location has spurred the city’s and its business environment’s growth. The largest deepwater port in the southern part of the east coast is located in Jacksonville. This port is the leading port in the entire country which is the gateway for numerous automobile imports, as well as the hub for most transportation and distribution companies in Florida. Among the other industries that play important roles in the city’s development include: financial services, biomedical technology and research, consumer goods, information services, and manufacturing among others. There also three military bases in the city. It would not be difficult to have a Jacksonville home mortgage company finance your home purchase as the median home cost in Jacksonville comes up to about $265,200 a good investment considering the rosy projection in home appreciation. In the past year, the home appreciation of homes in Jackson is at 2.19%. Neighborhoods in the community are composed of a balance of males and females, and singles and married couples. About 13.2% of the community’s population are divorced and about 20% have children. A number of good schools are situated in Jacksonville. Four of the city’s schools are ranked among the best high schools by Newsweek Magazine in 2008. Among these schools are the Stanton College Preparatory School and the Paxon School for Advanced Studies. Private schools, colleges and technical schools are also dispersed throughout the city. Over half of the city’s population has had some college education. 100% of school-aged children in the city are all attending school. The city’s public school system spends about $5,080 per student per year, just a $1000 short of the average U.S. school expenditure. Those looking for Jacksonville homes and Jacksonville home mortgage facilities would be glad to validate their choice of city with Forbes 2007’s ranking of Jacksonville as the third top city in the United States to relocate to and to find a job in. The city is also considered to be one of the top ten fastest growing cities in the country. Both commercial and residential zones of the city could be considered in your house hunting. Living in Jacksonville is not only just about home prices and job opportunities. Living in Jacksonville also spells hours of entertainment and leisure for you and your family. Jacksonville is a healthy place to live with a nearly 85% air quality index rating. The weather is generally tropical with highs of 90 degrees Fahrenheit in the winter and lows of 44 degrees Fahrenheit in the summer. Entertainment and recreation facilities abound in Jacksonville. There are thousands of restaurants to choose from depending on your particular gustatory craving. There are also hundreds of bars to hang out with your friends in. Two fully enclosed shopping malls, as well as a couple of "open air" malls, in the city can indulge the shopaholic in you. Jacksonville is home to the Jaguars. Jacksonville is also home to the restaurant made popular due to its array of voluptuous girls in skin-tight white t-shirts and derriere-hugging red hot pants — Hooters. Personal crime rates are at .8% while property crimes are at 5%. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: