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Marketing List building is something we all do to make money, and if you’re not list building, you should be. People are always saying, "The money is in the list." Because it is. You may be making some money from your list, but you won’t make as much as you could be making if you don’t go about list building the right way. What does your thank you page say? I mean, after people sign up to join your list, does the submit button redirect them to a generic "thank you" page from your autoresponder? If that’s all you have, you’re missing out on a sweet opportunity to pull your new list member into the fold and to make yourself some awesome cash, too. These ideas don’t apply to people pushing their own programs or products, obviously. The thank you page in those cases would be the sales letter for the program or product, of course. But for people who don’t have a product… Perhaps you’ll want to show your new list members a one-time offer, like a software bundle or an information product that you have resale rights to. Or, you can pick a product from ClickBank and sell that. But whatever you offer people, remember that your main objective is list building, and you have to be able to stand behind the products or programs you offer. Otherwise, you could create this huge list building abyss that you may never climb out of! This is the picture: Jack clicks the submit button on your list building page and is taken to a one-time offer for an information product. He trusts you to promote something good, but when he gets it, he finds that it’s loaded with ms-information. Not only that, but the .mp3 added a virus to his .puter and he had to spend $100 to get it removed. He tells his friends to stay off your list because you obviously don’t have a clue about good business. BOOM! You’re dead in the water. Will Jack re.mend his friends? I don’t think so. He probably won’t stay on your list, either. And when his friends ask him about you, he’ll be like, "Stay away!" Nasty words like that can just halt your list building efforts and kill your business. But let’s say that you’ve used and really, really like someone else’s product. You like it; you use it. Heck it even has a money-back guarantee. So, Jack buys the product from you, and he’s thrilled with it. Not only that, but he’s be.e an affiliate, too, and is making money with it on his own. He’s happy and he tells his friends, "Tellman got me started. You should join his list." How cool is that? So, 5 of Jack’s friends join my list, and they tell 5 of their friends, and all of a sudden, my list is growing exponentially, right? The thing is that when you’re list building, you need a good thank you page. Choose a great product that you can stand behind. When it works so well that it brings other people to your list, you’ll be making money and your list will be growing. Isn’t that what it’s all about? About the Author: 相关的主题文章: