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Liaoning continues to cool winter snow Sunday weekend report this weekend that Liaoning is quite cold, the first snow this winter is coming to Liaoning report! Today, the whole province is sunny and sunny. Although the cold air will let the temperature drop by 1~4 degrees Celsius, the maximum temperature will drop to below 10 degrees celsius. The minimum temperature is also below zero, and the minimum temperature in Fushun and Fuxin is only -6 and -7 degrees centigrade. However, the northerly winds turn southerly, except for Dalian, other cities wind class 3~4, is still relatively soft. So today everyone can warm up and go out and enjoy the golden leaves. On Sunday, the first snowfall in Liaoning this winter is likely to debut. But not everyone is looking forward to the snow all over the sky, only occasionally a few snowflakes falling. Because from the current forecast, Shenyang, Dalian, Anshan, Fushun, Benxi, Dandong, Jinzhou, Yingkou, Liaoyang will be light rain or sleet weather. Sunday night and Monday morning, the temperature will drop rapidly, so Monday will be very cold, it is the coldest day in October. The temperature in most parts of the province will drop to about -5 degrees Celsius, like the maximum temperature in Shenyang is only 3 degrees Celsius, and the minimum temperature is -6 degrees centigrade. Rain water on the road to junction layer of ice, so the morning trip to slow down Caution. From November 1st, the temperature will rise slowly. Northeast Bureau of cooling and precipitation temperatures plunged 12 degrees towards Heilongjiang this winter snow

周末辽宁继续降温 今冬初雪周日报到本周末辽宁那是嘎嘎冷,今冬的第一场雪也要来辽宁报到了!今天全省天气晴朗、阳光充沛。 虽然冷空气会让气温再下降1~4℃,最高气温基本都降到10℃以下。最低气温也转入零下,抚顺、阜新最低气温只有-6、-7℃。不过偏北风转为偏南风,除了大连外,其他城市风力3~4级,还是比较柔和的。所以今天大伙儿可以穿的暖和点,出去欣赏欣赏金黄的落叶。周日,辽宁今冬的首场降雪有可能就要登场了。不过不会是大伙期盼的漫天飘雪,只是偶尔飘落的几瓣雪花。因为从目前的预报来看,沈阳、大连、鞍山、抚顺、本溪、丹东、锦州、营口、辽阳将是小雨或雨夹雪天气。周日入夜后到周一早间,气温会迅速下降,所以周一将会非常寒冷,是10月份最冷的一天。全省大部门地区气温将降至-5℃左右,像沈阳最高气温只有3℃,最低气温-6℃。路面上的雨水容易结层薄冰,所以早间出行要慢行,注意安全。 从11月1日开始,气温会缓步回升。 东北降水降温局地气温骤降12℃ 黑龙江迎今冬初雪相关的主题文章: