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Advertising Promotional metal keyrings make great gifts for clients and customers. Metal is both stylish and durable, with an elegant look. To further enhance the classic look of metal keyrings, you can choose to have your .pany message laser engraved onto the metal. Why choose engraved metal, rather than having your design printed? Engraved metal produces a subtly different look it’s understated yet elegant, and an engraved keyring often has a more expensive feel to it, even if the keyring itself is the same price as a printed variety. Engraved metal creates the feeling of a special gift, more so than a printed keyring design, and giving classically elegant engraved metal keyrings creates a lasting impression on the recipients of your gifts. When it .es to making a lasting impression, engraved metal has another advantage over the printed variety. Good quality precision laser engraving stands the test of time very well it’s long-lasting and very durable. Some printed designs may have a tendency to chip or flake, but engraved designs will not do this. Longevity of your design is an important part of creating promotional items, and having a long-lasting engraved design on your promotional keyrings means that whatever advertising message you choose to display will remain on the metal surface for as long as the keyring is in use. If you want your message to last as long as the keyring does, engraving a metal keyring is definitely the best option. Good quality precision laser engraving is not prohibitively expensive. In fact, there are a whole host of options for laser engraved keyrings in the ₤1.00-₤2.00 price range. The Geneva range of metal keyrings, for example, includes four different keyring shapes circular, rectangular, oval, and a triangular shape that, when .bined with the keyring itself, produced a neat little key hole-shaped item. Key rings in this range start at just ₤1.35 per unit, and this price includes the cost of a single position laser engraved design. A very cute-looking engraved option is the Mouse metal keyring, starting at ₤2.84 for a single position engraved design. This is the ideal keyring for a .puter related business, or as a promotional item for a web site launch or other related promotion. If you really want to go the extra mile, consider an engraved metal keyring that .es .plete with presentation box. Options for these include the Vienna and the Athens metal keyrings. Each features an elegant metal keyring with leather fob, supplied attractively gift boxed, all for ₤2.62 per item. If your budget won’t stretch that far, there are less expensive gift-boxed options, too, such as the very attractive Tear Drop Nitro metal key chain. This is a very unusually-shaped design, and it’s definitely an affordable option, at just ₤1.75 per item. All prices for engraved metal advertising keyrings at Ideasby. include the cost of engravingthere is a small setup charge for each design, part apart from this one-time charge, what you see is what you get. Once you’ve chosen your keyring and design, your items will be created within just fifteen working days of approval of your choices. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: