Italy will usher in the history of the first Ironman grand total bonus of $40 thousand-t6570

Italy will welcome the first history of IRONMAN iron the total prize money of $40 thousand Italy will welcome the first IRONMAN iron recently, IRONMAN announced in September 23, 2017 will be held in Italy for the first time in Rome – Emilia (Emilia Romagna) iron nirvana. In addition, the organizing committee also set up the IRONMAN 5150 event in the second day. IRONMAN Emilia Rome Nirvana iron held in Emily – Rome Auvergne in the seaside town of Cervia (Cervia). Cervia town has a history of 1300 years, the total population of 29 thousand people, with the charm of colorful beaches and clear water. At the same time, Cervia town accessible on transportation from Rome, Auvergne in the capital city of Bologna is only 1 hours by car, whether to drive or take the train is very convenient. There are plans to attend the IRONMAN Emily – Rome Nirvana big iron players can choose to take the Italy Airlines flight (Airline Alitalia) or other small European Airlines plane arrived in Bologna, then drive or take the train arrived at the stadium – cervia. "This is another example of combining triathlon and tourism is perfect, Cervia IRONMAN tournament held in the ideal, we are looking forward to the arrival of the athletes of the world." Emilia Rome District Changan deliya Nirvana · Corsini (Andrea Corsini) said. Although before Italy hosted the 70.3 IRONMAN tournament, but IRONMAN Emilia will Rome Nirvana history of Italy is the first IRONMAN race. "To witness IRONMAN iron in Italy for the first time, we feel very excited, it will further promote the growth of the European IRONMAN series," the general manager of IRONMAN Europe, Middle East and Africa, Hans – Peter · (Hans-Peter Zurbruegg); Ze Bragg said, "last year in Europe, a total of more than 3000 Italy iron three the athletes participated in the IRONMAN event, we will also introduce IRONMAN events throughout Italy to do a lot of work, this is our passion for the Italy IRONMAN lovers return." In IRONMAN Emilia Rome nirvana in the game, players will start swimming in the beautiful stage of Cervia beach. Swimming in the entire 3.8 km stage, players only need to swim 1 laps, but 2.5 kilometers temporarily mount Shanghai and the water again for the rest of the swimming distance. On the 2 lap 180 km bike race, the players along the coastal sea Cervia ride through Rome mountain nirvana. Arrive at Yantian (Natural Park of Salt natural park Pans), players have the opportunity to see the wild pink flamingos and other unique scenery. Subsequently, the players will pass)相关的主题文章: