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Is it safe to drive to Xinjiang? Xinjiang President: I will never let you hurt in a "strategy to promote construction of The Belt and Road" countries in three years, as a core area of Xinjiang Silk Road Economic Belt, unprecedented from the previous "frontier" to the stage of the grand strategy of "center". However, in recent years, the occurrence of violent terrorist incidents, to remind people that the stability of Xinjiang is not only closely related to the about 23000000 ethnic groups in Xinjiang compatriots, but also affect China’s overall situation. This week to ask the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region President Xue Carletti sakel. Sally Wu: you are a native of Xinjiang, I can see your deep feelings. We also want to know, in several relatively large storm events, such as "7 / 5", when you are in the regiment, when the May 2014 attacks in Urumqi, you have to Urumqi, how did you know, what is know after heart reaction? Xuekelaiti – SAKEL: the event ("7 / 5") that is very calm, just is a Sunday, I at rest, later in the evening, some people report, said there has been some violent terrorist crimes. I was the first to feel, how there will be such a big problem, very sad, but after the incident occurred several months in Urumqi are in a state of floating heart, that each nation for many years as close as brothers established, resulting in a non impact often bad. At 7:50 on the morning of May 22, 2014, there was a serious violent terrorist cases in Urumqi shayibake Park North morning. Two unlicensed vehicles suddenly appeared, rushed to the market to buy food are the masses, repeated several times after the two cars exploded, killing 39 innocent people were killed and 94 people were injured, 4 people at the scene of the violent terrorist were killed on the spot. The planning involved in Nur Ai Komtiablipizi, in May 22nd, the night of the incident, was arrested in Xinjiang, Bazhou. Xuekelaiti – SAKEL: after these five or six years, we have taken a series of actions to crack down on violent terrorist crimes, terrorist crimes of violence arrogance has been curbed, our ethnic relations from the cold to freezing point, to gradually achieve the mutual trust, and they influence on violent terrorist crime and extreme trend understanding more and more clear, the state has promulgated a series of laws and regulations, norms of social management and social governance, to curb these problems. Sally Wu: when did you mention the freezing point of the nation that has just melted away? Xuekelaiti – SAKEL: after the party’s eighteen Congress, general secretary Xi Jinping came to Xinjiang to study, the general secretary said that the three forces, it is outside the territory of the seed, soil, there is a market online, this is the general secretary very incisive summary. Why is there this seed outside? Outside the influence of three forces and international hostile forces. In the territory, due to some of the problems left over in the past, we have not settled, the three forces have a certain degree of survival of the soil and the possibility of spread. There is a market on the Internet, hostile forces through the means of information networks, the use of the most modern.相关的主题文章: