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Is it a good thing or a bad thing? To stop or not to stop? – a lot of mothers and babies in the Sohu 3-4 months, always like to put his finger in his mouth to suck. Mothers are very worried about this, afraid of the baby to eat fingers will develop a habit, which will affect the baby’s teeth development and pronunciation. Is it good or bad for babies to eat their fingers? Parents should not intervene? When to intervene? All of these questions can be found in the new mom training class. Why do babies eat fingers? Baby to eat finger is actually a period of desire for a normal behavior. Baby from birth to 1 – 2 years old, is to eat milk, baby "pleasure" is mainly concentrated in the oral cavity and the tongue part is through the nipple sucking action to reach the original desire to meet, this is the so-called "oral stage". Is it a good thing or a bad thing? The typical characteristics of this stage is what children are put into his mouth, love baby sucking fingers, especially when about 3 ~ 6 months, the sucking need become particularly prominent, so what will get his hands into his mouth, sucking fingers, spit mouth water, a giggle, and all of this was very happy. This phase of the baby through the mouth to contact and understand the world, is a necessary process for children to explore the world. In addition, the ultrasound examination can be found the fetus will suck his fingers in the womb, a newborn baby will suck the mother’s breast, nipple, this is the most typical performance baby "oral". At the same time, in accordance with the Italy education by Montessori theory, the "oral" is Montessori sensitive period of the theory of "the sensitive period", the first is the sensitive stage of the emergence of children. BB eat finger to stop it? A 1 year old baby to eat before, do not need to stop one hand before the age of the baby’s attention usually lasts only tens of seconds, but to eat hand this thing, it is a major event, when the baby to eat hand, hand for the attention will be relatively long, this is because the baby in hand by eating slowly explore other objects outside the mother nipple. He will slowly find, "hand" and the mother’s nipple is not the same, eat and suck the mother’s nipple to get the feeling is not the same. Studies have shown that the outside world rich feelings and stimulation, can effectively promote the growth of the baby’s cerebral cortex. Do not underestimate the baby to eat hand this simple action, it will stimulate the excitement of the cerebral cortex of a nerve. The more stimulation, the cerebral cortex will grow thicker, larger, deeper groove, the baby will be smarter. So eat hand is a milestone in the development of children’s attention, but also a leap in the development of children’s intelligence. Eat the baby is to meet the desire of the mouth of the way, forced to stop will lead to a series of adult psychological and behavioral problems. Many mothers may not believe, always feel a little gentle hand to eat, could not help but always keep kids, do not listen to the baby, the mother will be very angry, sometimes to work, this is often wrong, is forced to stop, the more easily lead to some psychological problems for adults. Two, the baby’s eating behavior needs to be corrected!相关的主题文章: