Into the embassy, and in Poland – Sohu and ruminate together icesword

Into the embassy, together with spring Poland Sohu and ruminate the quiet autumn afternoon, come to the Embassy of Poland in the spring and the Embassy of Poland jointly organized the "exploring Poland" global delicacy cooking class. The Embassy of Poland is located near Jianguomen, where our European cultural journey begins. The staff prepared for fresh fruit snacks, a superb collection of beautiful things, food and never let you hungry. Orange, melon, kiwi fruit from the sweet taste of spring. Instant Chinese chestnut is very soft waxy, taste good. Besides the fruit snacks, and drink to drinks, are available in four flavors, drink third – Poland sea breeze, fruity apple juice and raspberry juice drink a little after the deployment of just perfect, well. Take this opportunity to have a deep understanding of the food culture of Poland, a beautiful country. Tea — Apple Pie biscuit base, the middle is apple jam filling, it is crisp crisp grain, a small flag on Poland is very lovely. Activities began, the host of the activities of a brief introduction. Poland Ambassador delivered a speech, the level of Poland Chinese brother handsome class, very authentic translation of Mrs Wang Xin to speak to Ms. Wang Xin in Poland Embassy Cultural Office Director Cai Mengling said will go hand in hand together to spread harmony healthy life philosophy. Invited the famous Poland gourmet Marg Lena? – Thomas – card, brought three dishes for you: salad, potato cake, Silesia four potato noodles circle, and in the field of culinary teaching, let the people learn to China delicacy delicious Poland cuisine. The salad used thyme and small tomatoes from spring radish salad finished, no spicy sauce taste mixture is very refreshing, this is Poland salad for me. Spring fair quality fresh Poland delicacy Chinese introduction, let us bring thousands on thousands of consumers, close to Poland, taste the flavor. Thank you very much in the network to provide the opportunity for us to learn! I hope there will be more opportunities to learn more exotic cuisine. Original articles, without permission, shall not be reproduced.相关的主题文章: