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4: Industrial upstream parts still rely on Japan – Sohu automobile dynamic dance music with metal sound manipulator swing, into the National Convention Center Hall 7H at the beginning of November, which seems to be in the world of tomorrow’s science fiction film scene. The huge venues brought together Chinese SIASUN, and foreign ABB, KUKA (KUKA), Nachi (NACHI) such as robotics and industrial automation equipment manufacturing giant, showcasing the latest products in their respective technological strengths to cope with the future demand of industrial 4. Although SIASUN is the leader of the country, you can see that we are surrounded by foreign companies." Han Songlin said with emotion, 27 years old, he just graduated from Nanjing University of Aeronautics & Astronautics into the SIASUN only half a year. The master of the Xuzhou Institute of automation professionals decided to choose to work in Shanghai SIASUN. Income level, and now a lot of Internet Co must be higher, but I am more emphasis on the trend of industrial 4." Han Songlin told the first financial reporter. From the hardware to the program as Han Songlin said, in the center surrounded by the relative position of the 7H Museum in the division of SIASUN was ABB from Switzerland, Germany, Japan, KUKA Nachi and other international giants stand in their own booth, booth can see smart machines and robots — each other around Han Songlin stand is SIASUN the robot arms collaboration than he is tall, white it was assembling a black small UAV, particularly eye-catching, clever manipulator can make the UAV propeller placement, the whole process of a freely flowing style of writing fluency. "Can you tell me what is the use of sensors?" the general manager of Suzhou Bus Intelligent Electronic Co. Ltd to Han Songlin army branch of SIASUN staff repeatedly asked, as domestic customers, the army is a special trip to the Expo "shopping spree", all Chinese and foreign exhibitors each booth booth. I am doing the sensor, the industry is very optimistic about the future of 4, intelligent equipment, including robots is a major category." The route to the first financial reporter said that the army is currently Chinese and respect, the developed countries there is still a gap, especially the Japanese robot, the sensor is done very well, "the truth, the Japanese side movement distance and angle accurately, we research the original difference, there are domestic manufacturers for Japan and other foreign counterparts to buy parts the original assembly, relatively little research." In addition, the army seems, domestic intelligence equipment types are less, the reason why, in addition to the design lags behind, the algorithm can not keep up. In addition to a number of domestic and foreign suppliers, running enclosure intention to occupy the field of hardware, the solution is also one of the points of pain in personalized customization. In the view of science and technology general manager Zhang Zhen Walton, many industrial enterprises in the most advanced software, but no one will be operated; or only operation, to play a greater effectiveness, in the final analysis, is to ignore the "intelligent manufacturing" in the role of people. In his view, personalized customized solutions providers in the future there is a huge market space. Xie Dingquan, Vice Minister of the Ministry of foreign affairs, also told the first financial reporter, domestic and international comparison of 4 and intelligent manufacturing相关的主题文章: