India to force Google Apple mobile phone using government encryption technology (video)

India is trying to force Google apple to use government encryption technology [Tencent]] the relationship between India and the world’s high-tech companies is getting worse. Only this year, the India government has banned Facebook to provide free Internet services, refused to give Apple local procurement rules immunity and the creation of apple stores. Now, the India government may force companies to use the technology developed by the India government. The latest move is part of the India national biometric identity program Aadhaar. Millions of Indians can use fingerprint and iris scans to verify, enjoy a variety of public services and private services, including banking services. If you fail to participate in this project, may limit the ability of technology companies to enter this huge market. But technology giants such as apple, Google (micro-blog) are expected to resist opening up their phones and operating systems, will not use the India government funded R & D registration, encryption and security technology. The general manager of Boston Consulting Group in India, Agarwal (Neeraj · neeraj; Aggarwal) said: "the relationship between the government and the India science and technology company is deteriorating. This is a battle for ecosystems, and technology companies will do everything they can to protect their ecosystems." A few weeks ago, government officials in India have invited apple, Microsoft, Samsung and Google parent Alphabet executives met to discuss their technology embedded Aadhaar encryption technology matters. No company commented on what happened at the meeting, and apple representatives didn’t even attend. India independent identification authority (UIDAI) official Ajay · Pandey (Ajay Bhushan Pandey) is called the meeting, he said the industry representatives politely listened to the views of the government of India, but did not make any commitment. But he said the government has clearly stated its position and told the delegates: "go back to your headquarters to discuss the issue so that we can have a Aadhaar registration facility." FBI and the United States visit visa programs use similar techniques, respectively, to track criminals and foreign tourists, but in addition to India, no other country to use it. In 2010, India began to collect citizen biometric and demographic data, and store them in a centralized database, for each citizen and children with 12 digits only number ID card. Aadhaar is the world’s largest biometric identity program, as of April this year, has more than 1 billion people registered, including India’s population of 83%. The program could help prevent crime in India’s welfare system, which costs billions of dollars a year in India. In addition, it can also help millions of poor people, because the government can then issue electronic money to them, for the purchase of food, dyes and chemical fertilizer, in addition to pensions and wages also will directly enter the electronic bank account. Civil liberties and civil liberties groups said the program violated the privacy of citizens of India. Others also warned that the Aadhaar service.相关的主题文章: